Autumn Glow

While driving to and from Canberra in the last two days I was struck by the beauty of the countryside. Just a short way from home, approaching Moruya, I was aware of a powerful cloud front overhead. In fact it was cool and dark at home, and stayed that way until I was over the Clyde Mountain and onto the Monaro plains. I had to stop the car and take this photo. Can you see how the land is in thick shade?

edge of the cloud bank

edge of the cloud bank

Those are the mountains I was driving over for the next hour or so, heading inland, where the bright sun was shining. Here and there around Braidwood there are plantings of Golden Poplars, and my trip happened at the right time to appreciate their autumn hues. Have you ever tried to stop on a highway where there is no room to pull over? I took one photo through the windscreen while moving but instantly realised this was a foolish thing to attempt. I managed to pull over once, but spied a few sections that might offer me a chance of brilliant photo on the way home the next day.

Golden Poplars near Braidwood

Golden Poplars near Braidwood

The next day, Friday, was very cloudy and dull! At least I have this one photo from the sunny day … but here is one I took on the way back, where I stopped in a side road and walked out onto the highway verge to capture it.

glowing trees near Braidwood

cloudy skies and glowing trees near Braidwood

While driving I felt I was feasting on the marvellous colours of the landscape. After all our autumn rains we have green fields, unusual here where grasses are usually brown. Sheep and cattle were obviously enjoying it!


This post inspired by Ailsa’s travel theme “Glow

15 thoughts on “Autumn Glow

  1. You are right. It’s ever so tricky to find a place to stop when you really want to; for photos or otherwise. Probably doesn’t happen much now with air-conditioned cars but I always remember the drama of a hornet in the car and trying to find a place to stop and get it out of the car before it did you some damage. Lovely colours.

  2. There are so few places to stop, and I also find it very frustrating. I’ve missed photographing some amazing scenery because of the yellow ‘no stopping’ lines. 😦 Beautiful pics, nevertheless. 🙂

  3. A wonderful few shots of a familiar landscape. I’ve driven that road umpteen times and absorbed the images of the countryside, but never stopped to capture it except in my head. For a while a few years ago I was driving to Araluen and back twice a week, and this road and the one down to Araluen gave me immense pleasure, especially with early morning mist-swathes. Thanks for reviving and enhancing my memory.

    • so glad to do that … I have been looking, loving, wishing to stop for quite a while … and I was alone … so much easier 🙂

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 5:08 PM, dadirridreaming wrote:


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