Bangkok, round again

In 1995, which is almost 20 years ago, Stuart and I joined an Intrepid research trip from Bangkok to Hanoi. I was studying at the time, and found the trip in a flyer at the student travel agency on campus. A research trip is one that is still in the early stages of planning, so there was no guarantee that things would go smoothly. Stuart decided he liked delays, as they give an artist opportunities to draw, so we leapt in, full of enthusiasm. We had a day or two to explore Bangkok before we met the group.

reclining buddha, Bangkok

reclining buddha, Bangkok

The Reclining Buddha, 160′ long, and housed in Wat Pho is rather round, perfect for Ailsa’s challenge this week.

mother and daughter worshipping, Wat Pho

mother and daughter worshipping, sons looking on,  Wat Pho

Of course we visited the Royal Palace too, which is adjacent to the Wat. My notes on the photo of the flower seller say “These colourful and fragrant stalls added pleasantly to the stench of rotting food, body waste and exhaust fumes that pervades the city”

We crossed the river by ferry and ate lunch from stalls in the riverside gardens of Wat Arun. This is the oldest religious monument in Thailand.

Bangkok also boasts the tallest Bhuddist stupa in the world, Phra Pathom Chedi, at 127 metres or 417′.

Phra Pathom Chedi, Bangkok

Phra Pathom Chedi, Bangkok

Our next day was spent visiting the floating markets, tasting delicious food, and generally acting like tourists. This woman plied the canals cooking food for locals … you gave your order and it was cooked on the spot for you … here I am with one of the most delicious lunch treats of my life! No doubt she was amused to be cooking for tourists, but my stir-fry of mussels, coconut milk, bean sprouts with egg and sauces was sensational. We negotiated by pointing of course, as one does without words.

floating food stall

floating food stall

Now that I am rephotographing the old photos I will keep posting about this trip, and we will get to the shipwreck on the Mekong … after all, what do you expect from a research trip?

29 thoughts on “Bangkok, round again

  1. One of my favourer places the friendly people, the colour and the Buddhist philosophy, mixed with local myths. Your post took me back there and refreshed pleasant memories. I have had so many beautiful experiences in Thailand. Thank you for sharing your visit.

  2. I would so love to go there and be immersed in the Buddhist philosophy. In the meantime I’ll have to make do with the Buddhas in the garden and on my desk!

    • Jude, I would aim for Bhutan for the Buddhist experience … it is a Buddhist nation … or the north of India … Buddhas seem to do a good job don’t they!

  3. Sounds like an interesting way to travel; as part of Intrepid Research. I like how you added some ‘smell’ to the visuals. We usual forget to record that aspect of the scenes we photograph.

    • would you believe I sewed them before leaving home … then I bought the most perfect top while travelling, green cotton with silver elephant dangles … sometimes things work!

  4. We love Thailand too Christine and have visited a number of times. Our first visit was in the mid 1980’s and again around the same time as you. We love the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and the friendly Thai people. Pleased we went back then as Bangkok seems in so much turmoil at the moment. Your photos brought back lovely memories. We have many albums of old photos slowly yellowing with age…

  5. What a great way to relive happy memories, and share them too, Christine 🙂 20 years ago, who had thought of blogging!!! I always wanted to visit the Far East with its shiny temples. A very happy Easter to you!

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