New Holland Honeyeaters

During our afternoon walk we noticed these New Holland Honeyeaters bathing in a fresh water soak at the lagoon end of the beach. About eight birds flew in and out, ducking down behind the rocks and popping up again, making the most of the wet conditions. It must have been a perfect little spa to attract so many! Once they noticed us they flew away. I don’t like to think that we spoilt their fun, because they breed and feed in the nectar laden native plants we grow along the bank of the dam. We see some of them every day, but have rarely seen so many all at once.

New Holland Honeyeaters bathing

New Holland Honeyeaters bathing

This post is inspired by the honeyeaters and by Frizz, who is focussing on N this week. Do think about joining the alphabet challenge if you need a ‘new filter’ through which to view your photo library!


28 thoughts on “New Holland Honeyeaters

  1. What sweet little birds with their flashes of wattle on their wings! I like how they act and interact so naturally away from our gaze – I can hear them playing at the fish bowl but the moment I stand to look at them off they go – so brava, Christine – a great capture I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Their black-and-white markings are quite bold compared to most birds commonly seen around here. And I love the decurved bills (not to mention the word “decurved”, it sounds so classy).

    • decurved, impressive … we are off to bookclub tonight and the book was “The Birdwatcher” …. S is dressed up as a twitcher … so I must remember that word to bandy about!

  3. Great shot, you did well to some focus, they seem to move very quickly. Beautiful birds. I wonder if the name comes from New Holland? Certainly not European Holland. Never knew such a bird existed. Well done and that’s for sharing…

    • I think Australia was called New Holland at some stage (in the 1600’s) … that is where the name comes from ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a hard photo to capture, I was lucky to get one good one …

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