I love to travel, but then my mother did too, so maybe it runs in the family. Ailsa’s travel themes often draw me in, as I mentally browse my photos and trips, looking with the filter of the week’s theme. This week it is Misty and I found it more difficult than some others.However this rainy day in Sydney, where we walked along the harbour’s edge, beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge, enjoying sounds and sights of wet weather, is an obvious candidate. I was so glad the woman with the purple umbrella came by, just as a big tour bus was turning the corner. You can imagine trains and traffic rumbling overhead, harbour ferries honking, and soft sounds of splashing.


The Rocks, Sydney Harbour

The Rocks, Sydney Harbour

Then there was this heavenly day in Dingle, Ireland. We were staying in a friend’s cottage, and woke to find the cloud had come down to meet us.Here are the iconic white cottages, and stunning Coomeenole beach, stone-fenced fields, all wreathed in mist.

Coumeenole Beach, Dingle Peninsular, Ireland

Coumeenole Beach, Dingle Peninsular, Ireland

Some years earlier we enjoyed another amazing morning in Bhutan, where we sat in low cloud, watching buildings and roads appearing and disappearing in the mist. You can see the largest dzong fortress in Bhutan, Trongsa Dzong in the photos below. After breakfast our guide took us to visit his family house, where his wife was up in the forest picking edible orchids. Bhutan has a varied growing environment, with subtropical plains and sub-alpine Himalayan heights, a fascinating country to visit.

Bhutan mist

Bhutan mist

Later on during that trip we were in India, and taken to the Taj Mahal before dawn. A beautiful mist lay along the river, creating mystery and excitement as we waited for the dawn, and the certain clearing of the day.

Taj Mahal early morning mist

Taj Mahal early morning mist

Last time we flew to Paris to visit our son we went via Singapore, and had a short stopover there on the way home. I enjoyed it all, especially Gardens on the Bay, where we were entranced by this enormous internal rainforest called The Cloud Forest.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

Ruth was concerned that participants might get lost in the mists of time, and indeed we did remember mists in Laos too … but those photos are not digitised. That was a wonderful spontaneous occasion when we stayed overnight in a village that was not on out ‘agenda’ …. the result of being shipwrecked on the Mekong. I would love to tell you about it one day! Meanwhile I hope you enjoy a little armchair travel amongst the mists today 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Misty

  1. Thank you for once again sharing your thoughts and travels. Last time I was in Singapore they were still constructing those fantastic gardens. I am still hoping to visit them myself.
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Wow, you have traveled, my friend! Really! Bhutan?! And you could not have chosen more perfectly misty images from such different places to fulfill the theme. They are beautiful images.

  3. la nebbia crea armonie ovattate, cela in un mistero soffuso di dolcezza tutte le cose…sei riuscita ad ottebere con questi statti poetici una grande, intima scenografia
    grazie cara Cristine, abbi una lieta settimana

    the fog creates inviting harmonies, hidden in a mystery suffused with sweetness all things … you’re able to that with these great poetic statti, intimate stage design
    thanks dear Christine, have a happy week

  4. Dingle’s as near as I’ve been to all those beauties, Christine 🙂 I was just about to comment on soft Irish mists when I scrolled down to Bhutan. Wow! And the Taj too. I’ve gone very green.

    • that would be right … there was a lot of cloud … but there is no land between the east coast of North America and the Dingle coast where we were … just ocean

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