Jo’s Monday Walk: Swimming on the Bingie Dreaming Track

For those of you who would like a bushwalk, come with me! At the southern end of Bingie where the land runs into Coila Lake, the Bingie Dreaming Track traverses low land behind the sand dunes. Still further on the track runs along a narrow sand spit that separates Coila Lake from the ocean, except for those rare times that the lake ‘opens’. We parked our car near the start of this track section, and descended though a fairytale banksia forest.

start of the track

start of the track

Banksia serrata likes to grow on sand, so we have none on the clays around our place, but here in the hind dunes they thrive. Here is one spectacular tree! Light was very low, dark clouds in the sky and rain was returning, so the images are a bit fuzzy.

We walked down hill to the water that was lying behind the dunes after recent heavy rain. A neighbour had told us it was deep enough to swim in! Let’s go and see ….

deep pool

deep pool

Here we turned back, after enjoying the watery scene.

We found another way around the water, emerging on the Dreaming Track, where once again water blocked access. This was the place to swim! I hope you brought your swimming costume … but then no-one else was there so undies would be fine 🙂

water over the track

water over the track

Sure enough we walked in along the track, which was firm and smooth under foot, then swam in gorgeous fresh water, while listening to the sound of the surf just across the dunes.

Here, just like everywhere else at the moment, ants are busy rebuilding after flooding rains. Be careful not to disturb them as you pass. This magnificent mushroom is another gift from the rain, a large flowering body belonging to an unknown fungus that lives in the sand year after year, waiting for a chance to flower.

As we walked back up the hill in to the forest I was fascinated by the leaf litter … well not just leaves but these marvellous banksia cones, bits of flowers, and lots of serrated leaves. As children we loved these cones, and pretended they were the scary Banksia Men of the Snugglepot and Cuddlepie stories, the villains of the bushland life. Now they just look bold and prickly, but for those who like to take a souvenir home they are the perfect thing!

If you enjoyed this walk do pop over to visit Jo and take a walk in Hartlepool!

19 thoughts on “Jo’s Monday Walk: Swimming on the Bingie Dreaming Track

  1. Amazing how very different our worlds are, Christine! I love your Banksia. 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve got that much needed cuppa now and am settled in.

  2. The banksia bark and cones are very unusual looking. I can definitely see how they could be intriguing story points for children! Is this one of the few places banksia grows in your neck of the world?

  3. I’m full of delicious sensations after this dreamy walk – the cool fresh air, after the storm, the heady smell of the bush and leaf-litter, the thrill of such tactile diversity, the memories prompted by the banksia forest … all that and a swim in a water hole too? What a morning! 🙂

  4. An idyllic walk and unique flora! They couldn’t have thought up a better name! Happy to have walked the track with you Christine 🙂

  5. Like you, I love the leaf litter. Yours is a delight to see since it’s nothing like the northern US’s droppings.

  6. My knowledge of Banksia is as an ornamental sold in the flower trade in NYC. I hadn’t realized the tree was so big! The sandy track reminds me of places in the American southeast, near the ocean. A similar look, though the flora is pretty different! I love the leaf litter, too – fascinating what you can find in it.

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