WPC: Street Life

This week’s WPC is Street Life, something we photographers cannot resist. All those delicious moments just waiting to be captured by the camera! My first image is of a group of women sitting on a bench in Barcelona, catching up with each other, as they perhaps do every morning. Aren’t they lovely?



The next few are taken in Bhutan, and Kathmandu, just glimpses of daily life, out on the street.The beauty of the little market, the chaos of the Kathmandu city street, and then a street in PepsiColaTownPlanning (where we stayed while working for  volunteer agency) a new suburb of Kathmandu. There is so much to see in this photo, school boys, a seller by the road, motorbikes, shops, all men on the street except for the seller and what looks like a customer hurrying towards her. The last photo is near the Buddhist stupa of Boudhanath, hence flower offerings are hanging ready for sale.

Finally some of the charm and beauty of Rajasthan, bright saris, animals and laughing people.

20 thoughts on “WPC: Street Life

  1. The ladies get-together is just marvellous, Christine. The clothing might have changed, but otherwise this terrific shot could have been taken at any time – just as it’s been for generations, the ladies, out on the streets, getting together for a companionable chat. I’m a little sad I don’t have lots of shots from my old India trips – yours remind me just how colourful and exotic it is! 🙂

    • thank you Meredith … I was actually watching those ladies two days in a row, and then managed to get the photo 🙂 I am sorry you don’t have your Indian photos, it is quite an amazing country!

  2. A man is leading a camel in the final picture. Is the camel pulling the… just what is that high-sided thing, anyway?

    • it is an enormously high wagon, presumably carrying light goods, fabrics or hay … I guess they built it as high as they could to still get under the town gates 🙂 this was a wonderful town in the north, Mandawa, rich in havelis, decorated mansions for wealthy traders … now not so grand but still lovely

  3. A wonderful presentation of “street life”. I was supposed to go to Bhutan for work two years ago but at the end it didn’t work out. Thanks for sharing.

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