Reflections of Amsterdam

We were in Amsterdam for two days eighteen months ago. Perfect weather and a fabulous few days in a truly unique city. This post is inspired by Chris at Pix & Kards, whose post of Amsterdam reflections reminded me of my experience. Thanks Chris! Touring the canals was lovely fun, and of course we were fascinated by the bridges and the bicycles. We managed a visit to the Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Van Gogh Museum, but mainly spent our time walking and browsing. Fortunately afterwards there is plenty of time for reflection.

This post inspired by Chris but in response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections.

For more on Amsterdam see:

8 thoughts on “Reflections of Amsterdam

  1. Thanks for including the link to my post, Christine. Your reflections of Amsterdam are very enjoyable, too. We went to the Van Gogh Museum as well! What a fascinating place! We also spent quite a bit of time walking and exploring, too. Your post brings back memories, too. 🙂
    i couldn’t get over how many bicycles there were! Thanks again! By the way, at the top of your post my name appears as Chrisbkm. I am not quite sure who that is. 🙂 Do you think you could possibly correct that to Chris? Thanks much! 😀

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