Pink Sari

English friend buying pink sari, Rajasthan

English friend buying pink sari, Rajasthan

Ailsa’s travel theme is pink this week! I have seen so many marvellous pink posts I am compelled to make one myself … starting with this very pink sari for sale in a Rajasthani village. Most of my photos are flowers, but next I have a mountain in Nepal, the beautiful Machupuchare, or Fishtail in the Himalayas.

Machupuchare, Nepal

Machupuchare, Nepal

Now a pink lotus, actually our red lotus, but it often looks pink!

red lotus

red lotus

Do you know bromeliads? We saw these in Queensland where the climate is warmer than here, but we used to grow them when we lived in Sydney long ago.



and finally for the tulip fanciers, here is one from Floriade in Canberra last Spring.



To see more fabulous pink, pop over to Ailsa’s blog Where’s My BackpackΒ and bliss out!

30 thoughts on “Pink Sari

    • I bought a green one in Nepal, but the top never did fit the way I like it … the pants were great though … pink check does sound really ‘out there’!

  1. What an collection of photos you have to draw on, at home and far away. I’ll have to talk to you sometime about your filing system, since you seem to be able to pluck out a variety of images from what must be a vast archive so easily.

    It’s a particularly stunning photo of Machupuchare – my new favourite.

    • I am afraid my filing system is pretty ordinary Meg, I have the travel pics in ‘events’ with the title of the trip, so I can find them easily … that dawn photo of Machupuchare was taken from our bedroom window during a few wonderful days in Pokara πŸ™‚

  2. These are really beautiful pinks, Christine! I love them all, but that mountain photo is just spectacular. We do have Bromeliads, and I’ve grown them in the past. I think at the moment I only have one remaining, but you’ve reminded me of why I like them! I may have to see about a new one as we just enter springtime. πŸ™‚

  3. Lovely pinks Christine. I have hundreds of broms in my garden they are fantastic, easy to grow. I can go away for months at a time and they always survive. Loved the Floriade tulips, can’t wait to see them this year… πŸ™‚

  4. quante sorprese dall’amica Cristina! che foto incantevoli
    enella foto col sari la tua espressione felice e quella sorpresa delle donne in sottofonto, ottimo scatto….di tuo marito?

    happy day

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