22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. I have only seen three, and I am ashamed to remember that I dispatched the first two … and that is all in 12 years … there are not many of them here ….

  2. That one might be harmless but some are definitely not. Short legs are a give-away that a centipede is a hunter and probably venemous! Those long legs preclude chasing prey πŸ˜‰ Nice catch!

    • thanks for the info Thomas, you are helping me understand this creature … it looked rather forlorn marooned on the kitchen benchtop … the other two I have seen were both in the bathtub, unable to climb out of the steep slippery sides … now I will become a good friend to them all and hope they like it here!

  3. We have the same critters on the other side of the Earth, Christine, but ours aren’t as beautifully marked as this chap. My photo of a House Centipede still gets a lot of hits from search engines after being on my blog for more than 3 years. When people find these in their homes, they run to Google to research what they are.

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