Moruya River

We drove our weekend guest to the airport this morning. It is one of world’s most beautiful airport drives, along the north bank of the Moruya River Estuary. Luckily I had the little new camera with me, so we stopped here and there on the way back into town to capture a few images.

looking towards the river mouth

looking towards the river mouth

Our skies are still smoky from bushfires further south, so the morning colours were subdued. If we are meeting the earlier flight the river is often sheathed in mist, but today it was clear, and the tide was low. Boats resting at anchor looked absolutely still.

looking west, mountains behind the town

looking west, mountains behind the town

Once this section of road was used for an expensive car commercial. I am sure they looked good winding around the gentle curves of the river. Our end of summer brown grasses and roadside weeds flowering make a perfect foreground, while the Great Dividing Range, source of the river, rises up in the far distance.

remains of activity long since ceased

remains of activity long since ceased

Oysters grow wild along the shores, here encrusting a wagon once used to pull cargo or barges ashore. Many thousands of tons of Moruya granite was shipped from the riverside quarry and sent to Sydney in the early part of the last century for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and the Cenotaph. One old barge still lies half submerged in the water near Malabar Weir.

sailing boat, Moruya River

sailing boat, Moruya River

These days trafffic in the river is usually recreational. A variety of boats are anchored along the edges, while canoes, kayaks, and small fishing dinghies can often be seen, and several dragon boats train in the river on Saturday mornings.

looking west to the town

looking west to the town

We are lucky that our airport, very small, is tucked behind the sand dunes at North Head, adjacent to a campground that is very popular all year around. Can you imagine being a farmer or grazier with your own plane, and flying to the beach at Moruya for your week’s holiday? Hmmm, not bad! There are usually three commercial flights a day, by Regional Express Airlines, that link us to Sydney and Merimbula. I love to have a window seat and photograph the coast after take-off. Today it was not me flying, but I hope you have enjoyed some views of the river from the road to the airport. There is one more I will share tomorrow.



27 thoughts on “Moruya River

  1. ancora nuove avventure per l’instancabile Cristina! Bella anche la nuova veste del tuo blog, complimenti! , le foto del fiume sono superbe
    buona giornata cara
    yet new adventures for the indefatigable Cristina! Beautiful also the new look of your blog, congratulations! photos of the River are superb

  2. We are so lucky to be able to pass through beauty to get to the utilitarian in our little piece of paradise. I’ve been to Sydney airport twice in the last few weeks, so the contrast is absolutely strong in my head. Thank you for demonstrating yet again how lovely the south coast is.

  3. You’re as bad as me,Christine πŸ™‚ We’d never get anywhere if I was at the wheel! Can we just stop here? I’m used to Michael ignoring me πŸ™‚
    I do like the look of this theme. Quite distinctive as a home page, too. What do you think?

  4. Christine – I find the Moruya river so inspiring. Your images reverberate deeply with my snapshot memories of this beautiful place. I am looking forward to seeing you on thursday at 10.00…if no-one is there, I will know you have headed off on another adventure! Regards, Ruth Hassall

  5. What a beautiful ride! And an airport with 3 flights a day …… yes, that’s small. Does that mean that flights from there are very expensive? That is what happens with our smaller airports. More convenient, but much more $$$.

    • you are right of course, our flights are expensive … more than you pay to travel between state capitols … sometimes we drive to Sydney airport and leave our car with friends in Sydney while we are away, we have once taken the bus, all possible, but the flight is the most convenient!

  6. Saint John has a little airport, too. I’m going to look up a Cessna pilot and have him fly me, my spouse, a canoe, some swimsuits, and a jackknife to your little airport. Then we’ll look for ibis from the canoe, have a swim, and shuck some oysters for breakfast. And thanks to the international date line, we should be able to return home in time to feed the dogs supper.

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