Melbourne Visit

I flew down to Melbourne last Friday. It meant driving over the Great Dividing Range to Canberra Airport, leaving the car in the long-term carpark, using the check-in machine, negotiating the security check during which I realised my nail scissors were about to be thrown out again, so I opted to return to the car and leave them there. …. relaxing in the brand new terminal building, (which I shared with you last year), and enjoying a pleasant flight to Tullamarine on the outskirts of Melbourne. I was quite shocked to see how brown the country was. There is no hint of green in country NSW or Victoria at present. Everything is crispy dry and brown. Smoke haze from bushfires covered the country for as far as I could see, and later in Melbourne City I could still smell the smoke. Luckily for me temperatures that had been up to 43 degrees C earlier in the week had dropped to 25 C maximums for the weekend.

flying into Tullmarine

flying into Tullamarine

The reason I went was to meet a very important person, the newest member of the family. He is here with his parents for five weeks, and although they will be coming to see us soon, I really needed a sneak peek and some cuddles! From the airport I caught the city bus, then managed to buy a transport card and with only a few small detours, find the train I needed. Later a taxi delivered me to their door in a leafy inner city suburb. Melbourne does have a very easy transport system.

Melbourne train

Melbourne train

I was thrilled to see my son and his family, and we laughed to see that we were both dressed in blue. Please take a photo I asked!

in blue

in blue

Of course the priority was to meet my grandson … who of course was totally gorgeous, laughing and smiling, and trying to put everything into his mouth as 4 month olds do. This is my youngest treasure! His parents are keen that he does not have a media presence, so I have blurred his darling face, and I am not mentioning his name.



When not playing on the floor or in the garden we went walking around the local streets, in a suburb with great variety from extremely large mansions to tiny tenements. Leafy streets and busy traffic-ways made an interesting environment. These flowers were hanging over the footpath from a giant Lillypilly tree, buzzing with excited bees!

Lillypilly flowers

Lillypilly flowers

On Saturday morning I caught the train into the city again to go to the Walking Shoe Company and buy some light shoes for our next overseas trip. It was fun, and I found a wonderful pair of shoes by Merrill …. very light, washable, and using barefoot technology, so there was lots of space for my toes. The idea is that your toes actually grip the sole as if you were walking barefoot. The salesgirl did suggest that I might use thick socks when walking on cobblestones, a worthwhile idea I am sure.crush_glove_mint_angle_merrellI flew home yesterday, driving back down the mountain just in time to teach my evening yoga class, which I had prepared in advance. Today I have been catching up with life, and hoping soon to catch up with my blogging friends too.

40 thoughts on “Melbourne Visit

  1. What a lovely visit, Christine, and a bit of time with a new treasure. You look beautiful in your blue top! Those shoes look great and will match perfectly, and be comfortable on top of that. You know my son Adam is in Australia now, at the Permaculture Research Institute near Brisbane. He is loving it and I fear I’ll lose him to that part of the world forever! πŸ™‚

    • Our high temperatures might put him off Cathy, we have had record heat waves in the past ten years. Tell him about us if he is travelling south. Stuart started SAGE in town (sustainable agriculture and gardening eurobodalla) and has since started a farmers market. There is a really vibrant group of mostly young growers here. Stuart also wrote the first Permaculture Course that was taught in our TAFE system (in the 80’s), and it is still taught around Australia. I was thrilled with the new shoes, they looked great with a few different things from my travel bag.

      • Yes, Christine, he says he is soaked in sweat every night in his tent; he’s not used to living without climate control, so I think it’s rough for him, but he’s loving it just the same. Interesting about Stuart; Adam would love to meet him and pick his brain!

        I don’t know if he’ll be heading south, because all his time is taken with the course, but if he wants to do it, I’ll let him know! Thanks. πŸ™‚

        Those new shoes are fabulous. Bet you can’t wait to break them in on some long walks. πŸ™‚

    • Hi sharechair, We are off to Paris in May (they will be home by then) and then meeting them in Seville later, so we are mostly in Spain, the south of England and Paris this time. A whole lot of fun I hope πŸ™‚

  2. Congratulations on your new grandson, Christine. The journey must have been so worth it, to finally hold that little boy in your arms. Your new shoes look and sound great. I’m sure you’ll get a lot of wear out them on your next trip. Gorgeous photo of you and your son. πŸ™‚

    • thank you AD, you know the joys of grandchildren, there is nothing like it is there? I think the shoes will be great, so much lighter than classic hiking boots, I hope they are tough enough!

    • thanks Madhu, it seems so long since we were with them in Paris in September 2012, it was wonderful to see them again, and of course to hold that little boy! I was so surprised to see him all in blue, he said he had been wearing the same clothes all night and day, had not showered or shaved, but I still insisted on a photo, then suggested he could take a shower while I played with the baby … when there is a little baby to look after you often put your own needs last!

  3. Oh what a lovely post, they’ve arrived and how happy you look holding the baby and his daddy! Nice new shoes too. I just had to click the lillypilly link, because I thought it looked just like our myrtle and of course it is, I love them. Does lillypilly also have a fragrance if you squeeze the leaves?

    • Yes it does Gilly, it is a lovely tree! I saw your post on your treasure and tried to write a comment using my ipad but it would not work, very frustrating … I will get back there soon, playing with the four year old this afternoon! I was so happy to see the Parisians, and they will be here in a few weeks, but meanwhile I have our darling Eddy to play with … lucky me.

  4. Wonderful that you were able to see your grandson ASAP. All that blue, I imagine there was lots of communicating going on as well πŸ˜‰
    Good tip about the Merrills. I’m in the market for a new pair.
    We’re off to Melbourne next week – yes, I’ve managed a day + weekend off for the G.O., to visit my sister, and just enjoy a little Melbourne time. Hopefully the smoke will be gone and the weather reasonable.

    • yes, it was worth the trip to spend time hanging out together πŸ™‚ The Merrills seem great, check them out … I was pleased with the Walking Shoe Company in Melbourne, in fact I thought/felt I would find something there and did not even bother visiting the other adventure shops which were all around in Little Bourke St. Enjoy your trip!!

  5. I can absolutely understand your need for a sneak preview! As you were greeting your grandbaby, I was farewelling mine, who are now back in Warsaw. I love your glimpses of Melbourne. And how did you blur baby’s face? Showing faces has been a concern of mine too.

    • I found an app for the Mac called TouchBlur, it worked beautifully, very simple too … so sad yours have returned to Warsaw, but that is life for our young people today, so many I know are all around the world …

  6. Congratulations on your new grandson! I would have wanted a sneak peek, too. How do you like your “barefoot” shoes? Mine took some time getting used to. My feet were fine, but my legs would get sore, using different muscles.

    • thanks Robin, lucky us! the shoes feel wonderful to walk in, lots of room for toe wriggling and no sore muscles anywhere … maybe I am used to it from the toe shoes I was wearing previously, or maybe I just have not waked long enough in them yet!

  7. Nice adventure. The sneakers are a little scary, but not as much at the 43 (C) deg. temps – that is serious heat, and the brown earth supports that. We should trade and average out our weather, hitting -18 C here recently with a lot of snow. So, our terrain is ,…white! M πŸ™‚

  8. la gioia piΓΉ bella, stringere quel delizioso cucciolo di uomo! e immagini poetici di un bel viaggio ( bellissima la foto della testata!)
    the most beautiful joy, tighten that delicious baby man! and poetic images of a beautiful journey (beautiful photos of the head!)
    have a nice day, Cristina

  9. Beautiful shoes, beautiful blues (even a blue metro!) and a beautiful babe; how wonderful. But my goodness the country is parched 😦 Have you made lillypilly jam? Or tasted it?

    • we have made it, but only once … they don’t grow well here despite our best efforts … maybe too close to the ocean???

      On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 7:42 PM, dadirridreaming wrote:


  10. Congratulations on your new, second grandchild! I haven’t had even one yet. I did, however, get my first Merrills, a pair of light hikers, as a Christmas present from E.g. Have worn them on a couple of long dog walks and am quite happy with them.

    • apparently mine are discontinued so I was able to get them almost half price, and I love the colour, so I am glad I found them … who knows what the new colours will be? So glad to hear you are happy with them!

  11. I’m still playing catch up, too, Christine, so I’m a little later in the week to see what you’ve been up to this past weekend! What a lovely time you surely had with your son and family, and of course, this precious new little grandson! How wonderful that you could fit in some sweet personal time with him. Congratulations to the whole family! πŸ™‚

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