Around Green Cape

The coastline is rugged, with sharp rocks, unwelcoming shores, thick kelp forests, and the presence of seals and sharks in the water make swimming unviable. Pity help those who were wrecked here, for getting ashore safely would be almost impossible.

One of the most spectacular walks on the NSW coast starts at Green Cape and leads to historic Ben Boyd Tower at Eden. You can take three days to do the whole Light to Light track, or just walk part of it. I meandered along a little way, photographing birds really, but others in the group did longer walks across the heathland. I would rather save the walk for cooler weather!

This section near the lighthouse was pretty sheltered. A small group of Blue Wrens and a Grey Fantail were feeding along the track, a large goanna had rushed off into the scrub, and Stuart set up his easel to paint. The path was particularly lovely, winding through wind-shaped melaleucas. I checked out the Ly-ee-Moon cemetery too, but there was nothing much to show you.

A little further along we drove through the heath, sighting a rare Ground Parrot as we disturbed it by the track. It flew into a small dense bush and stayed there, impossible to photograph. Epacris impressa was in flower, impressive indeed with its bright coral pink colour and jaunty style. This is Victoria’s floral emblem, and does not grow as far north as Dadirri. I would love to walk through this landscape when the flowers are all out about July or August.

30 thoughts on “Around Green Cape

  1. I love the look of rocks and ocean. I wish your area wasn’t so far away ….. your photos tell me that I would just love it. The closest shore area to me is a coastline of sandy beach. I have to go to Maine to find the wonderful combination of rocks and ocean. (you may have just inspired my summer travel … I’ll have to consider Maine!) πŸ™‚

  2. The rusty mask on the female wrens is striking. How nice to see so many birds at ground level (even if one was camera-shy) — so much easier on a birder’s neck than craning it towards the canopy.

  3. Hi Christine, Enjoying your regular blogs and photographs. I am back in Australia and would look forward to a yoga class when you are back in Bingi. Can you send me a message as to when your next class is. I am up in QLD until 22nd, but after that I will be based back in Bingi. Looking forward to seeing you. Warm regards, Ruth Hassall

  4. Gorgeous. The walking track looks inviting, and the views tranquil despite the rugged nature of the neighbourhood. I am most entranced though by the dolphin curtains – unusual I think, and very appropriate in their setting. A deliberate, special touch for the guests.

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