Charlie came to Lunch

Charlie is a Papuan Eclectus parrot. You can tell he is male by his bright green colours. At first his human companion left him in the car, but we insisted he come inside and join us. Charlie seemed very pleased and said Hello politely, but after that he remained quiet, emitting occasional short squeaks. This was a good sign, we were reassured, meaning he liked the place.

Charlie the Eclectus parrot

Charlie the Eclectus parrot

Charlie had some special parrot food in his cage, which he nibbled at while we were eating. Our discussion was lively because Stuart and Charlie’s person Joan had known each other since they started high school over 50 years ago. There was a lot to be said! Of course we included Charlie whenever we could, since he was obviously an interested group member.Β 

parrot on her shoulder

parrot on her shoulder

We have been harvesting grapes for the past few days, making grape jam, and grape juice. Some especially ripe grapes were in the fridge, keeping cool for a perfect dessert on a hot windy summer’s day. Charlie became very interested and Stuart offered him a small bunch. At once he began to eat them, first the seeds, then the pulp and skins, all delicately held in his foot and manipulated with his beak and tongue. Now he made some new noises of delight. When we prepared Charlie’s cage for the long journey back to Sydney we put another bunch of grapes in for him, and farewelled a very contented guest!

24 thoughts on “Charlie came to Lunch

    • Hi Sue, wonderful to hear from you, we will be in your area for a few days next june …we might meet up for a cup of tea! Thanks for such a lovely encouraging comment πŸ™‚ Christine

  1. we certainly enjoyed it, the two ‘old friends’ discovering how much they had in common (quite amazing) and Charlie and I listening in, and offering our own bits of amusement now and then πŸ™‚

  2. I am quite green, a similar shade to Charlie really, wth envy at you having such a guest. And I’m sure his human companion is lovely too, having been a long time friend.
    A few years ago I read several books about parrots, owners and stories. Both the birds and their people are quite amazing.

    • those birds are so intelligent It must be quite a challenge for a person to live happily with a parrot … but Charlies’s person managed it all beautifully with great respect and levity! …. and she is a friend from long ago, not seen for 40 years or so …. but a good rediscovery πŸ™‚

      On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 5:00 PM, dadirridreaming wrote:


  3. Charlie is a real beauty. Obviously, well cared for, judging from the perfect condition of his feathers. I loved this post. The Electus males fascinate me. They have no expression around the face because of the solid color of the feathers. But, somehow, they manage to communicate their emotions. He is an extraordinarily well-behaved bird. Perfect configuration and color. He is a lucky boy to have such a devoted and caring companion. πŸ™‚

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