Eurobodalla Show

Our local agricultural show is traditionally held on the Australia Day long weekend. It works out quite well for summer fruits and vegetables, but is a little early in the show circuit,  which culminates in the grand Royal Easter Show in Sydney. This year I did not photograph the ring events, but thought I would show you some of the local produce and baking.

There was fierce competition between our food-growing locals both young and old, and the prizes were well-shared. Young Luke Hemler whose peach orchard I showed you recently took out prizes for his vegetables and peaches, and looked rather pleased about it!

a winning exhibitor

a winning exhibitor

Others discussed the judges’ decisions and had a good laugh about what they might offer next year … enthusiasm is growing!IMG_4731I browsed the flowers too, remembering the little posies and decorative flower saucers I entered as child when I lived in the country with my grandparents.

Show baking has categories harking back many many years. Cakes that are rarely seen now still appear in the agricultural show category lists. Have you seen a marble cake recently? Of course my grandmother made them, but perhaps only for the show? Then there is rainbow cake, another version of the same idea …. where you divide your batter into three portions and colour one with cochineal, another with cocoa and leave the third portion white … or that is what I think happens!

Escaping from all this vivid colour I breathed deeply in the bird pavilion, where I also encountered a beautiful diamond python, who looked a bit distressed to be surrounded with people with nowhere to hide. Aren’t these hens gorgeous?

Then there were some of our community members demonstrating their skills, in spinning, woodworking and oyster shucking, and a team of bullocks pulling a man standing on a little sled … something useful I am sure.

I hope you enjoyed a little tour around the show this year. It might inspire you to enter your local show next summer with your fruits, vegetables, brewing, preserving, sewing or baking, photography or art.

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18 thoughts on “Eurobodalla Show

  1. This brought back childhood memories….I used to enter the show in my Grandmothers village in the Scottish Highlands. I always made a moss garden complete with mirror pond….and something crafty like a painted stone 🙂 good times!

  2. so glad to remind you, it is the same old tradition, I remember making a moss garden with mirror pond too 🙂 … we had wonderful dances at the “Scotties” in our little town, another tradition!

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