In the beautiful Deua River Valley west of Moruya, farmers benefit from rich country and decent water. We visited this farm where several generations of a family are growing peaches and vegetables.

Deua River valley

Deua River valley

Peaches are the taste of summer for me! All that juicy sweetness and fragrance, peach juice dripping down my arm, explosions of flavour in my mouth … oh yes, that is summer.

My favourites are the white fleshed peaches, just what young Luke sells at the Moruya Farmer’s Market, luckily for me. Here they are being sorted and packed. Can you smell them already?

The river flows under trees along the edge of the property, just the place to cool off. I rather wish I was there now, since the wind here on the coast is far too strong this afternoon, and I won’t be swimming in the sea until it calms down.

Deua River pools

Deua River pools

What is your favourite taste of summer?


30 thoughts on “Peaches

  1. I enjoy the taste of peaches too and those in your pictures look delicious.
    My family eat plenty of watermelon during summer. My girls love it and it is a great way to hydrate them.

  2. We have an area here in Canada called the Okanagan which is a fruit growing area in interior British Columbia. You can almost count on anytime someone in our area smells a peach they will say it “smells like the Okanagan”. It is a fruit that can definitely transport one to a place or season just with its smell.

    I’m a bit of a fruit junkie so I will eat almost every summer fruit.

    • I wish I could send you some from here … but the postal service is not up to it! I will look up peach cobbler Francine, I should know what it is but I do know it is delicious!

  3. A farm fullof peaches sounds like heavento me. I love white fleshed peaches and if we grew them here they’d be one of my favourites too. Sadly we have to make do with peaches that have been flown too far, kept too cold so the flavour is lost and are very expensive. The same goes with mangos which are my number one! Here, raspberries and victoria plums win. πŸ™‚

  4. Such beautiful peaches! Our area here in Northern California can grow some juicy and delicious peaches too, but this year’s crops will be seriously compromised with a drought that we are facing.

  5. I love white peaches (as they are but they also make a lovely salsa) also but for my deconstructed trifle this year I poached fresh yellow peaches in vodka & sugar and slipped them into the passionfruit jelly.
    I don’t eat a lot of fruit as the sugar makes me shake but we indulged quite well this summer and remarked on the quality of the cherries, plums, peaches, raspberries, mangoes, strawberries, and rockmelon & lychees in particular – none of which were expensive – some from the supermarket & some from stalls/markets. For me, it’s not Christmas without them.

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