A is for Art

Living with an artistic family means I get to visit quite a few art exhibitions. Stuart has a new show opening in just a fortnight, so framing is seriously under way.  Long ago we even ran an art gallery, where we actually made more income from home-made Devonshire Tea, served in individual ceramic teapots promoting the work of our regular potters. They were funny years of making strawberry jam, baking hundreds of scones in an old oven held closed by a bent coat-hanger, and churning leftover cream into butter on Sunday nights.

Earlier this year our middle son Toby and his wife Fiona, with their friend Brett Martin, had a very successful exhibition called Rock, Paper, Tinsnips. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the artworks, and the opening night scene.

Moruya has a vibrant art community. There is usually a crowd at exhibition openings, and sales are brisk, unlike big city openings. Perhaps this part of the coast attracts artists from north and south, and discerning Canberra buyers amongst them. Here are some of the guests enjoying the art and the social occasion. Children ran in and out, adding to the melee!

a-zFrizz is taking his readers through A-Z again this year, so if it tickles your fancy join in http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/tagged-a-2/ 

23 thoughts on “A is for Art

  1. l’arte è la più alta espressione dell’animo umano, essa rivolge lo sguardo alla bellezza e all’infinito, credo ne sarai orgogliosa
    buona e serena giornata mia cara

  2. art and highest expression of the human soul, IT looks look at beauty and I think you’ll be All’Infinito proud
    Good and happy day my dear

    opssss, I can’t remember if you have a translator, then rimadio ha ha

  3. You have captured the atmosphere of the opening with your gallery of photos. What an interesting time it must’ve been when you had an art gallery. Do you do any painting or any other sort of art Christine?

    • I loved that one too … but we bought another of Brett’s work … more practical since those bright rough unsawn edges of timber would be very hard to keep clean!

  4. Interesting photos! We love going to the Art Institute in Chicago and other art exhibits. E.E. Cummings, one of my very favorite poets, was also an avid artist. I enjoy his paintings a lot and – years ago – even purchased a few. If you have time, see some examples of his art at eecummingsart.com 😉

  5. What a treat to see Toby, Fiona and Stuart’s fabulous work! And I enjoyed the newspaper clipping, too. You are definitely surrounded by art and creativity, Christine. The gallery is very appealing, too. I wish I could attend. 🙂

  6. Love the newspaper article, Christine, and had a chuckle about the part on fleeing the overcrowding of Paddington. Dural’s no longer the quiet spacious place it once was. I expect the train stations they are building in our area will exacerbate the changes.

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