Beach Weather

We have enjoyed a few glorious days, just right for swimming and surfing. It was good timing for our Canberra family who spent the last three nights with us.beach

We had plenty of beach time, with kite flying and boogie boarding included. Then there were all those games like Monopoly and Munchkin! Food is always a highlight of our times together, and somehow music and dancing gets woven in by the younger members. Our neighbours came over for pizza night and entertainment!

The excitement of the summer holidays will simmer along, but next time we see our Canberra family will be when the Paris Whitelaws are visiting with their new son in March. Much excitement for everyone then!

11 thoughts on “Beach Weather

  1. life is a ‘b**ch’ here too only dark skies, torrents, gales & floods. Lovely warm contrast you have especially the family jamming. The new member has much to look forward to! p.s. I like the new avatar ? oystercatcher

    • yes it is, a sooty oystercatcher, they frequent the beach here, with pied oystercatchers … such lovely birds … glad you like it … the background sand was a little too dark so i lightened it and i think it is ok now …. sorry your weather is so poor 😦 at least you are not freezing like so much of North America … we will be in London in early June, hoping for warmth by then! PS the baby will be sure to be musical, with his mother a violinist and all the musicality on offer from our side πŸ˜€

    • and the sourdough pancakes (Stuart’s new discovery using his home-grown starter) were delicious … and so much easier on the digestive system! Pop in when you are passing Claire, I am sure that will happen one day πŸ™‚

  2. that beach looks so inviting! temps are above freezing again in my corner of the planet. there was only snow for a few days before Christmas. but it is raining, raining, raining. and coolish. your beach is a very welcome reprieve πŸ™‚

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