WPC: Beginning


My Christmas gift from my son and his family in Paris is a delightful brag book. So in a very small way let me brag about a life that is just beginning … a little baby boy who I have yet to meet! In the photo you can see my fingers holding the page of the book open, my son’s fingers and the baby’s fingers gripping his. Life is always precious, yet right at the start young lives touch us so much more strongly … the awe of a new being entering our day-to-day world, someone who we know we will love and care for as much as we can for as long as we are still here. His arrival alters everything, the new life of our family is just beginning! You can see more beginningsย at Weekly Photo Challenge.

23 thoughts on “WPC: Beginning

    • they will be here in early March .. we will go over in May .. I will have to get used to being a distant Nanna … luckily they call a lot so I see him kicking and wiggling ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Oh Christine he is so precious and what a perfect Chrismas gift. March won’t come soon enough for you , I bet you’re counting the days. I’ve just skyped Scarlett who is five months now. Whatever would we do without technology?

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