Travel theme: Birds

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is birds … one of my favourite photography subjects. Β I thought I would share some birds from my travels around Australia. Working backwards in time, let’s begin with some birds from Lord Howe Island. I have not included any wading birds here, just land birds and the terns.

In September we were in Far North Queensland, visiting tropical rainforests where the lighting made photography frustrating … but in the hinterland conditions were excellent.

Every now and then I capture some images of birds from west of the Great Dividing Range, for example when I am in Canberra.

and then there are the birds from Northern Australia where we spent two months in the middle of the year. These are just a few of many, I hope you enjoy them.

Everywhere I travel I am looking for birds, and wondering how to photograph them. Sometimes it is best just to watch and leave the camera in the bag!

20 thoughts on “Travel theme: Birds

  1. What a marvelous collection of bird shots Christine!! And each more beautiful than the other. Haven’t seen nor heard of Brolga or Jabiru before! πŸ™‚

  2. What a grand collection! It’s difficult to photograph birds, but you are very very good at this! They must be posing for you…when I try they usually fly away. Many of them I have never heard of or seen before: the Babbler, Brolga and Babiru. I love kingfishers because of their shape and colours!

  3. Christine, these are beautiful bird photos. I know how hard it is to capture birds, and I’m hardly ever successful myself, so I know each one of these was painstakingly taken. They’re all gorgeous. Australia surely is, as pommepal says, a bird watcher’s paradise! Happy 2014!

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