Merry Christmas

The festive season was in full swing today, Christmas Eve. The Moruya Farmer’s Market, now almost twelve months old, was crowded with shoppers and their children, all of whom are now on their summer holidays. Soon after the market opened at 3pm a loud hand bell announced the arrival of that rather fat gentleman dressed for winter … Santa Claus! Children and their mothers swarmed around, each receiving a little bag containing two home baked biscuits and some fresh blueberries…. the healthy version of Santa treats. Indeed yesterday afternoon S and I baked about 200 biscuits, angels and stars, and decorated them just to please all those prospective visitors, so we were very glad to see delighted faces when their treats were discovered.

Santa had a rest after the Farmer’s Market, ready to appear again to his fans at the Bingie Fire Shed. This time he was transported in a big red fire truck, with a loud siren to alert us of his arrival. A request had been made for gold coins, which were duly obtained and prepared for showering over the children! Remember those ‘gold coins’ that can be unwrapped to reveal chocolate sweets? After singing Christmas Carols and generally playing about excitedly the children were thrilled to hear the siren and see Santa on the Fire Truck. Some were very nervous at first, but soon they had some conversations with the old red and white gentleman, and then joined in the fun of retrieving the flying coins.

Once the excitement settled family groups and others sat or stood to enjoy a sausage sizzle fundraiser for the Bushfire Brigade, some Christmas cheer and chat, and more Christmas cookies! I hope Santa is good to you wherever you are, and you find time for friends or family, to remember the Christmas message of love, joy and peace.

You might like this Australian version of Jingle Bells … we all sang it at the Fire Shed tonight!

and if you need any of that translated … here it is πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. I love this, Christine! This event looks like loads of fun. And that song is great: especially the chorus of, “Christmas in Australia on a scorching summer day!” It’s always hard to remember that you guys in the southern hemisphere are in the middle of summer, while we, up in the north, are freezing! Have a wonderful holiday! xxx

  2. Well I’ve neved seen santa in his beach cossie before. I hope he’s dressed and ready for a hard nights work over here, he has to start in about 3 hours! Dear Christine I hope you and your family have a very happy Christmas and a fab 2014 β™‘

    • thanks Madhu, it is a typical Aussie tongue-in-cheek song … we are having a lovely holiday, all quiet and just a little social … wishing you all the best too πŸ™‚

    • so glad to introduce you to something new … we have a little xmas gathering at the Bingie Fireshed where this version of Jingle Bells features on the carol sheet … that is how I know it … and it makes more sense to us over here!! PS my d-i-l will contact you about house-sitting in Canberra for them πŸ™‚

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