Double Delight

Our summer solstice has just passed, sunny heat has given way to cloudy drizzle, but the flowers are still bright! This rose is called Double Delight, a gift from one of my yoga students some years ago.

newly opened Double Delight

newly opened Double Delight

The bud is quite pale with pinkish edges on the petals, but as the flower opens the pink intensifies, spreading more and more through the rich cream.

pink spreading

pink spreading

The mature rose blushes from carmine to red, quite spectacular and very fragrant!

mature bloom

mature bloom

This post is dedicated to the memory of Marian van der Goes, whose memorial service is being held this morning. A sad loss for my granddaughter who will miss her Oma, and for all Marian’s family and friends. Marian had to resign from her position as Department of Conservation Otago conservator because of her illness, so New Zealand has also lost a remarkable woman who cared for nature, ‘the conservation queen’.


9 thoughts on “Double Delight

  1. I am so sorry for the loss to all of you, in particular at this time of year. The rose is just beautiful, Christine. Our roses are holding on to the last remnants of life, basically ready to be cut back for winter. Double Delight is such a beauty! ox

    • thanks Debra, it has been quite a saga, but life will settle now … we were fortunate to see the memorial service on a video link, so we learnt a bit more about our son’s inlaws … how wonderful you still have some roses going into winter … like us of course! Our Double Delight is growing beside the fig tree, which overshadows it terribly, but the wet year has meant it is flourishing!

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