WPC: Community

I guess I am having trouble moving on from my island holiday … so here is a coral community at Lord Howe. I did mention there were a lot of purple corals, as this photo shows. Look closely to see how many different kinds are clustered together!

purple corals of Lord Howe

purple corals of Lord Howe

As you know coral reefs provide a rich habitat for fish, invertebrates, crustaceans, shellfish and other creatures, a vibrant community sustaining itself beneath the surface of the water. Here is some of the blurb about the Marine Park around Lord Howe: An extensive barrier coral reef, the southernmost on the planet, protects a broad sheltered lagoon and sandy beach on the western side of the island, while fringing coral reefs lie immediately offshore of the beaches on the eastern side. Lord Howe is the only place in Australia where such a diversity of fish, coral, algae and associated creatures can be seen by snorkelling just a few metres from the beach. And it is all true!

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