Feeding Fish at Ned’s Beach

Fish have been fed at Ned’s Beach for many many years, so there are always Silver Drummer, Trevally, Sand Mullet, and different species of wrasse waiting along the shore line. See the fish in the shallows above. Healthy fish food is available for a small cost at the shed, where snorkelling gear can be hired on an honour system. Last year I could only photograph the fish from above, but this time the underwater camera came in handy!

Fish circle around me, but I have only come to look …. they have to swim back to the man in the red t-shirt who has the food. This was my view from underwater.

What a crowd! We also snorkelled out to the reefs close inshore, looking at many different corals, anemones, and fishes. For vivid colour the wrasse below cannot be outdone!

This is a common Cleaner Wrasse, not so common really …. and rather pretty.

The reef is lovely, and visibility was excellent this morning.

After all that fun it was time to lie on the sand and warm up before cycling home for a nice cup of rooibos tea.

22 thoughts on “Feeding Fish at Ned’s Beach

  1. What a jostling of fishes! That underwater camera is a winner, Christine. These posts from Lord Howe are wonderful – full range of weather conditions and geographic locations. Seems you’re having a whale of a time – so glad it’s gone so well. πŸ™‚

    • hi there Meredith … home again in the land of the WWW … no wonder our LHI friend sends one word replies to email! the camera subsequently leaked, but is going back to Sony so no doubt I will have a new one in January to play with here … I had so much fun under the water, can’t wait to snorkel here too πŸ™‚

      • It sprang a leak? That’s no good, Sony – no good at all. I suggest Christine and S need their waterproof camera replaced for Christmas! I can imagine you having a whale of a time snorkelling in the rock pools and taking pictures of all the wonders you see down there.

        Glad to hear the workshops have been such a success (just what we’d expect!) and fingers crossed they start an Autumn or Spring school – wouldn’t that be a terrific trip to add to your annual schedule? πŸ™‚

        • Yes I hope Sony are quick but I expect it might come back in January … I have it all packaged now with special print out info they sent me, so off to the post this afternoon (after they admitted a courier will not call here to collect it, too remote!) … the LH dream, S is quite sure he won’t go back next Dec, he misses home too much at this time of year, but he has sent them a flyer (for inspiration) advertising a winter workshop week at Norfolk Island, everything included and a decent fee … something like that would make it more workable … we will see!!

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