Godwits, Flame Tree, Sunset

This morning I cycled out to airport where birds gather both on the mown grass and in the adjacent wetlands. I was looking for Bar-tailed Godwits, and was not disappointed. Look at their marvellous long straight bills for finding edible goodies in the soft marshy earth!

Since the eastern sun was in my eyes and I could not get any closer, I returned later in the day hoping the western sun might provide better illumination …. but no Godwits were to be seen, just a large mixed group of Golden Plovers, black ducks, Eurasian coots, Mallards, Cormorants, and two White-faced Herons. More interesting was the setting, with red flags in stripes reflected in the water, and a brilliant blue sky.

Earlier I had walked around the residential area of Lord Howe, visiting places on the Art Trail. This fabulous Flame tree shone through the green palm foliage near Izak's photographic studio.

After the day's pleasures were past, but before our delicious lentil and rice dinner, we sat on the edge of the lagoon, watching the sunset. Reading 'Autobiography of a Yogi' is giving me so much to think about, and sunset is a perfect time for reflection on how the whole material world is simply light.


11 thoughts on “Godwits, Flame Tree, Sunset

  1. I’ve never thought of it before, but aren’t birds bills fine and delicate looking? They can’t actually be delicate can they? Do you kbow what those flags are about? Do tell. I also spent time reflecting yesterday, the just-before-sunset sky from my office was beautiful!

    • hi Gilly , they are ‘keep off the dunes’ flags 🙂 …. so glad you had a lovely sunset too …. i cant send my post today … internet not up to it 😦 …. will try again later!

  2. Usually associate Godwits with our east coast marsh & estuary – nice to see a totally different perspective & heralding these elegant birds with red flags and flame trees

  3. che tramonto sognante! e che splendore quell’albero di fiamma…
    grazie, un grandissimo abbraccio

    that dreamy sunset! and that splendor that flame tree …
    Thank you, a big hug

    Ps the Wheatears and are very spiteful to don’t take pictures

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