After the Storm

Yesterday was wild on the island ….. gale-force winds, dangerous surf, torrential rain …. I did not take even one photo! The airport was closed, so some holiday makers were caught here, others could not arrive. This morning is much calmer, sunny in patches …. and I am sure I heard the 9am plane come in. S is busy with an art workshop so I walked out to Valley of the Shadows, and climbed down to the rocky shelf above high tide where Sooty Terns nest.

Walking in the shelter of huge banyans and palms, then descending to the relative brightness and clamour of the shore, I was as usual astonished to see the birds spread out all over the dark rocky platform, and even nestled in the long kikuyu grass adjoining it.

Adult Sooty Tern were feeding their young, or resting, but most chicks were on their own, soaking up the warm sun, or stretching, trying their wings or preening.

A big swell kept waves crashing into shore, so I guess there will be no boat trips today. I have plenty to do, and just started reading Autobiography of a Yogi, which is fascinating. Once conditions improve I plan on lots of swimming and snorkeling.

On the walk back to Mary Challis cottages I detoured to Middle Beach, down a precipitous set of steps. A Brown Noddy flew over, so I relaxed in the sporadic sunshine to enjoy the view, before attempting the ascent! Now to the museum and the excruciatingly slow internet to send this post.


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