Back to Lord Howe in the rain

Sydney friends drove us to the airport early yesterday, where cloudy skies and a cold southerly wind set a dramatic scene.

I always love flying over Sydney, whatever the weather. I was born here and it is “my city” even though we now live about 5 hours to the south. Looking north along the beaches, including Bondi, to the heads of Sydney Harbour.
For some strange reason to do with frequent flyer points we were flying via Brisbane, definitely the long way to Lord Howe. Heavy rain delayed flights at Brisbane airport, so we circled in the thick cloud, waiting to land. It was very wet ….
I wanted to buy a new photo memory card as we transferred to our LHI flight, but no, we were being paged to go to our boarding gate, even while we were still disembarking! We later learnt that our neighbours here in Mary Challis cottages were in the Brisbane airport too, waiting to fly to LHI via Sydney (how ridiculous is that!) and they heard us being paged!! Why do airlines create these strange flight routes for FF flights? Perhaps it is to discourage you from using your points?
Strong wind and torrential rain as we transferred from coach to our LHI qantaslink plane, a Dash 8. It was a bumpy flight across the ocean but the weather news gradually improved, and we landed safely in light rain. Ginny met us but we had to stay in the tiny air terminal until the next flight came in, because she handing out flyers promoting her Art Trail, including the four art workshops Stuart will be running. I was reading the new Barry Maitland novel on my ipad so waiting was fine with me. Later she drove us to Joy's shop to stock up with food for our two week stay, then we went walking to stretch our legs and reorient ourselves to the island.

White terns are nesting in the Norfolk island pines, where they lay one egg directly on the tree branch. here is a young chick waiting for its mother to return from sea with sardines to eat.

We waved at the cyclists and the few vehicles collecting people for the airport waved at us. We chatted with the walkers, we felt right at home straight away!

Mount Gower looked grand with a rain-filled shroud, but we stayed dry. Aaa aaahhhh, perfect.


15 thoughts on “Back to Lord Howe in the rain

  1. Rain, again? At least you took off this time! Hope you have a wonderful time – I’m amazed a whole year has passed already since you were there last – or is it quite a year? Hope the weather improves – don’t want you being blown away. πŸ™‚

    • yes M, it was a year … and we have been invited back next Dec, but S feels it is too hard to leave home at that time, the garden bursting with goodies and such a busy time for all his many groups etc … so maybe we won’t go … or change the time for the Art workshops … but that is not up to us … πŸ™‚

  2. l’isola ti accolto molto tempestosa, ma sei riuscita comunque a realizzare ottimi scatti, bello quel delizioso uccello bianco!

    the island received very tempestuous, but six managed to achieve excellent shots, beautiful white bird that delicious!

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