30 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      • I don’t mind the black snake… from a safe distance… it’s the David Attenborough-too-much-information- ishness that freaks me out… poor little water dragon…
        We do have black, green and brown snakes at TA, and as you say, better the blacks than the browns. Apparently there are a lot of all colours around this year.

        • oh, a good year for snakes then … we need to clean up the edges of the garden to make sure a safe distance is kept … bit hard when you cant see them, and they come in after the frogs in the ponds where S grows watercress and water chestnuts … very tempting!

  1. Wow!!!!! Five minutes or five metres and you and the camera would not have seen the moment. I love this about photography and photographers. And you are there, then, more often than the rest of us.

  2. odio i serpenti….( poveri, non mi hanno mai fatto niente! ) ma sarei fuggita lontano,,,ha ha ha

    hate snakes. …(poor, I haven’t ever done anything!) but I would have gone away

    • we look upon these black snakes very kindly … they are placid and not as venomous as others such the brown snake and tiger snake … yet they defend their territory and keep the other snakes out to our benefit πŸ™‚

    • yes Gilly, you would have to go to the hospital for antivenenine if you were bitten, but these snakes try to keep well away from you, it would be bad luck to be bitten, like the snake feeling trapped and you reaching towards it … so we give them plenty of space when we see them …

    • yes, it had come through the gate, which was closed, caught the lizard, then found it could not get back out carrying the lizard … so had to overcome fear of us and swallow the lizard, then slide back out through the gate πŸ™‚ not the best atmosphere for a meal!

    • thank you for seeing what a beautiful creature she is … I was so impressed that she did not panic when she realised the lizard would not fit through the gate in her mouth, so she calmly set about swallowing it, then slipped through gracefully!

  3. Fabulous lunchtime shot!! You are right about snakes keeping their distance. We lived in a cobra infested area for almost a decade, even had them straying into our house occasionally! But we never had a single case of snake bite in our complex!! Hubby did have our fridge stocked with anti venom just in case πŸ™‚

    • a wise precaution!!! they are peaceful creatures who want to stay out of our way, and we have blundered into their territory here … so we love to see them and hope we don’t meet suddenly!

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