Spring Roses

Our ‘spring’ season has been very erratic this year … of course the local indigenous people have names for the seasons, depicting what is flowering, fruiting, or passing by at the time … this would be the whale season, and we are still seeing plenty of them. My roses have been enjoying ‘spring’, they don’t care about the whales they never see, especially as they seem to flower (less abundantly) all year.

Dublin Bay

Dublin Bay

We only have two as they must share the fenced area with the vegetables and other edible plants, which certainly have priority. The roses bring a different joy, a smiling pleasure at their perfect forms, their energy and beauty. Dublin Bay has gorgeous orange hips that provide more colour and interest after the petals have fallen. Here is a close up of the blooms, which sadly are not very fragrant.

Dublin Bay roses

Dublin Bay roses

When we were looking for our roses S wanted red and yellow …. not that he is the rose fancier, but as the architect I have to agree with him that the colours have worked out well. Climbing Gold Bunny is completely different to Dublin Bay. It has much longer canes, and is easy to twine through the railing of the terrace. Since it was planted a greedy banana plantation has encroached on its space. We do try to keep the bananas back, but remember what I said about edible things having priority. Somehow Climbing Gold Bunny seems to enjoy the banana protection, and bravely shoots her canes out among the plants. Every now and then I pull them back and imagine these ‘friends’ saying farewell for a while!  You can see the bananas are very close neighbours.

Climbing Gold Bunny

Climbing Gold Bunny

This delicate rose ages to a blowsy bloom with pink tips, charming! When we sit on the terrace she delights us with her inward facing blossoms, enjoying the diffuse light form the terrace roof. This older flower is not quite pink yet!

IMG_7134Our mulberry tree is in full production now too! The fabulous Hippeastrums have almost finished, and we are only a few days away from the annual Joy of Being Retreat. Things do look beautiful here, waterlilies are all in bloom, but the lotus are still to come. I will be, and have been, busy with preparations, so will not be around much until next week. Last Thursday I had surgery for osteomyelitis of the lower jaw, and I am healing up well … hopefully this is the end of all the medical palava we have been through in the last few months. Eventually I will let you know more of that …. but do enjoy the spring roses, especially if you are still six months away from your own.

PS: RRR is for  roses … checkout Frizz’s other R offerings 🙂


31 thoughts on “Spring Roses

  1. questo è magico! ho una bellissima primavera che mi raggiunge da tantio lontano ( siamo esattamente agli antipodi) e la freschezza del colore delle rose risalta ancora di più, anche io le amo molto ed ancora con questo autunno molto dolce, ce ne sono di fiorite in giardino, ma per vederle così rigogliose dovrò aspettare al mese di maggio del2014
    intanto abbi il tu il tuo piacere negli occhi

    This is magic! I have a beautiful spring that reaches me from tantio away (we’re exactly at odds) and the freshness of rose color stands out even more, even I love a lot and even with this very sweet autumn, there are blooming in the garden, but to see them so lush I will have to wait a month of may del2014
    Meanwhile, have you your pleasures in the eye

    • Thank you Ventis for this wonderful comment … we will be in France in May, and will see the roses opening there! Glad you can enjoy my Australian blooms now!

  2. Yes beautiful roses… they’re one of my favourite flowers still! Mind you I’m also very partial to the tulips these days too. And I just love that pretty waterlily you’ve chosen for your blog. Hope all is well and you regain your strength quickly.

  3. These are the sort of roses I really love – not the ordered gardens that many rose growers are fond of but wilful roses that are loud and blousy and unfettered 🙂

  4. Lovely to see the roses, Christine. Hope the Retreat is going well and that you and S are having as much fun as the participants. Glad to hear your jaw is healing well – fingers crossed you’ve finished with the health issues! 🙂

    • we survived, all wonderful of course .. and jaw is great!! the dentist says “very advanced healing” in a tone of awe, and asks (again) what is in the homeopathic remedy I take (Traumeel) … with a look a great confusion … am sending him the clinical trials today 🙂

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