Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

In the remote north-west of Australia horizon stands out everywhere. For us east-coast dwellers it is a novelty to see the sun setting into the ocean. We were at Gantheaume Point, gazing west, watching others in tiny boats waiting for the sunset ….

Gantheaume Point before sunset

from Gantheaume Point before sunset

which was not long arriving ….

Broome sunset

Broome sunset

Somehow ocean and desert emphasise the horizon! To be aware of the horizon as simply a moveable line reminds me that life is like that, there is no ‘end’, simply presence and consciousness forever aware of all the changing circumstances as they come and go.

Would you like to see more …. here?


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

  1. That sunset photo just confirms my theory that any sunrise or sunset missed in a day is a crime. Nature gives us a show twice daily with no admission charge. I hate to miss them, even if it’s just appreciating the growing sunlight coming through the window or the shadows cast as the sun sets.

  2. Gorgeous photos – a sunset over the sea is magic. I enjoyed our 2-year sojourn to Perth, where I was able to walk 8kms along the beachfront almost every day as the sun set – magnificent 🙂

    • what a great experience! still I must remember that I do love seeing the sun rise out of the ocean, not that I am often up that early in summer 🙂 we usually walk about 2 kms, 8km would be excellent!

  3. Oh the magic of the beautiful Broome sunsets, sipping wine on Cable beach waiting for that huge moon to disappear over the horizon, stunning Christine. But I agree there is also magic in our East coast sunrises.

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