Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Nothing special about my choices for this one, except they are all from the latest download of holiday photos.

Mossman River

Mossman River

Rivers and rainforest, what could be nicer? This rainforest is the oldest continuous rainforest on the planet, preserving major stages of the earth’s evolutionary history.

an infinite number of whistling ducks

an infinite number of whistling ducks

How rich Nature is when given a chance!

melaleuca roots and river rocks Mossman Q

melaleuca roots and river rocks Mossman Q

How many hundreds of thousands of years have these rocks seen, and now this old tree clinging to them year after year …

tropical flower, probably ginger

tropical flower, probably ginger

Designs, an infinite number, petals spiralling around …

fiddler crab workings, Cape Tribulation

fiddler crab workings, Cape Tribulation

and fabulous crabs leaving their signature on the beaches ….. which pattern will you stop to admire today?

Eleanor Schonell Bridge, between Dutton Park and UQ's St Lucia campus

Eleanor Schonell Bridge, between Dutton Park and UQ’s St Lucia campus

Not mirrors, but the hand of man in a wonderful pedestrian, cycle and bus bridge over the Brisbane river … a continuous flow of people and busses when we were there in late afternoon. All of this from a Weekly Photo Challenge, words by Ben Huberman:

As a kid, I loved standing between two mirrors: moving my arms, it felt like playing in an endless corridor of synchronized motion.

We continue to encounter these moments of wonder as adults, too, when the infinite catches us by surprise. We stumble upon it in things both big and small: on the beach, staring into the horizon; in the depth of a loved one’s eyes; or even drowning in the emptiness of a Berlin subway car.


Infinity can produce contrasting effects on (and in) us: it might make us feel dwarfed or amplified, afraid or empowered. It might take the form of a wide panorama or a zoomed-in fraction of an object. A starry sky? A sea of commuters on a train platform? Rows of corn in a field? No pun intended, but the possibilities really are endless.


– Ben



26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

  1. che gioia per i miei occhi tutte quelle oche! immagino chiaccherassero molto qua qua qua ha ha ha
    mi hai fatto conoscere cose straordinarie ed affascinanti, amica Cristina, una vera gioia per gli occhi

    spettacolare la lavore musicale del granchio!

    What a joy for my eyes all those geese! I spoke very qua qua qua ha ha ha
    you made me know extraordinary and fascinating things, her friend Cristina, a real looker

    the spectacular musical work of crab!

  2. Your photos are filled with richness. I love the roots of the tree and the river; I am reading and contemplating a book by Christine Valters Paintner, photographer and artist on the 4 Elements. Wind, Fire Earth and Water (title not necessarily in that order) and I can’t help but create workshops from it. Your photography would be inspiring and instructive but I’ll do my best from my side of the world.

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