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A highlight of our recent trip to Far North Queensland was the day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. It is not widely known that conservation of the Reef is failing, and it is quite likely that next June UNESCO will list the Great Barrier Reef as endangered. The Australian Government is putting coal mining and industry ahead of protection of this World Heritage Area. Fortunately we were in the north where the reef is still pristine. We went out on Calypso from Port Douglas, with Tropical Journeys. There were only about 40 people on the trip, very small by reef standards during school holidays. There was an option to dive, but we chose to snorkel, which was quite adventurous enough!

easy swim-off deck of Calypso

easy swim-off deck of Calypso

In perfect weather and smooth seas we were taken slowly out through the reef to the first site, being instructed and educated all the way by the naturalist on board. Whilst not very deep, it was certainly an experience of entering The Deep, just perfect for Ailsa’s challenge this week. We gradually found our snorkelling rhythm, finning along without touching anything at all. In one place we had a guided tour, following our instructor as she pointed out various creatures and features.

Usually we moved quietly on our own, or I should say with our partner, although S said I was no good as a partner, I just swam off and he had to follow! There were so many shapes and colours of coral, so many different fishes, it was quite amazing.

The last site of the day was extraordinary! We were very close to the edge of the reef, in a place where fresh nutrient laden currents were moving in against the side of a bombie. Here a mass of fish had gathered to feed, feeling safety in numbers they dared to come out of their coral hiding places, and simply spiralled together, snapping up goodies as they drifted past.

We were both really tired but jubilant! It was easy to notice we were the oldest on the boat, but definitely not the least fit. A super day out in the deep!

26 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Deep

    • some of us are aware and fighting back, we just need to raise our voices louder and louder … the reef belongs to the people of the world … not just greedy Australia

    • thanks M, I was pleased, even though I forgot to select the underwater scene mode! It was a wonderful day, something that bears repeating if the chance arises 🙂

  1. Amazing, Amazing! AMAZING!!!!!!
    Immagini che ci fanno capire quanto sia grande la stupidità umana nel non cercare di proteggere luoghi assolutamente unici
    grazie che hai fatto discendere anche me nella tua avventura, ti auguro ancora molti di questi giorni così belli ed avventurosi
    haye a happy day

    Pictures that make us understand how large the human stupidity in not trying to protect unique places
    thanks you did descend me too in your adventure, I wish you many of these days so beautiful and adventurous

  2. I only yesterday responded to an email from GetUp! Re the Great Barrier Reef, the link to which I’ve included in case you haven’t seen it or anyone else is interested. The Reef is too beautiful and too important to be lost to the world in exchange for a few lousy dollars, even if the revenue runs into the millions, the Reef is priceless.
    Loved your pic 🙂–3/commit-to-saving-the-reef/contact-environment-minister-greg-hunt?t=dXNlcmlkPTE3MjQ4MjEsZW1haWxpZD0yODY3

  3. I was hoping you would post photos of the reef and this week the challenge was made for you! As a hopeless swimmer I am totally in awe of you and Stuart and how wonderful to be fitter than some of the youngsters – it doesn’t surprise me 🙂 I can’t imagine how you can concentrate on breathing and getting such great shots.
    The more I hear about your government the more I despair, maybe ours aren’t quite as bad after all.

    • I was surprised about how easy it was … but I did get cold eventually and had to go in … it was so fascinating I was eager to get to the next site once I was warm again 🙂

  4. It must be an amazing way to spend the day, Christine. The photos are wonderful.
    My husband would be straight in there with you but I’m not a confident swimmer. Maybe for this I could get over it! 🙂

  5. Amazing, Christine. Envy you the snorkling. Tom and I would have been right with you. I had read that recently somewhere about the endangered Great Barrier Reef. Our world needs loving Reiki and more human awareness of its home. Hey, I was already thinking that from enjoying the beautiful photos, that you and S are not among the least fit. Way to Go!!!!

    • Yes, we are doing quite well … did Pilates yesterday and swimming training today, so we will soon regain our summer fitness! Our world does need Reiki, and love … it will be battle to preserve anything from Big Business.

  6. Looking at your photos cooled me down – would love to be in that water today – it’s a horrible windy, hot day in Sydney. The sirens have been going all afternoon.

    • hello bb, we were in Canberra at Floriade and doing grandparent business … first it was hot, then windy, then cold! Home now but not quite up with things yet 🙂

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