Jacarandas in Brisbane

Having a wonderful few days exploring Brisbane with a yoga friend …. thought you might like to see this jacaranda.

We are home tomorrow night, just a bit of flying to do!



27 thoughts on “Jacarandas in Brisbane

  1. Thank you for a jacaranda fix. I used to get it from an avenue in North Sydney, but the friend I visited, with jacarandas as a side treat, has moved to Moruya! Enjoy the return home after a rich break.

    • hi Meg … we are in the airport in Sydney waiting for our Moruya flight, so nearly home …. it was wonderful to see the jacarandas up north … we don’t see many down south do we?

  2. Gorgeous. Sydney is turning purple, as the Jacarandas, like this, come into flower. Our 2 at TA were not quite this far along on the weekend, maybe as it’s very dry there, but I think they’ll be out now. It’s just a lovely time of year πŸ™‚

    • I was surprised to see them, having ‘forgotten’ about jacarandas since we don’t see many down south, and certainly no large trees like these … I am sure yours will look wonderful!

    • thanks M, the southerly change came through as we flew so we could land perfectly safely, and the air temperature was dropping as we disembarked … but the solar hot water at home is scalding!

    • thanks Debra … I think they are Central American … so you should have a lot! When I was a young child we lived in a street lined with gorgeous jacarandas, and the residents wanted to change the name from an indigenous word Coolaroo, to Jacaranda … luckily it did not happen … that was the 50’s πŸ™‚

  3. Love our SoCal jacarandas in the spring — they do make a mess, but it’s a glorious, gorgeous mess! (says the woman who doesn’t have to park her vehicle under them) πŸ™‚

    • Know what you mean … in Cairns there was a big bat colony and sadly a few innocent motorists got caught parking underneath the bat-trees! … well of course that is much worse than mushy jacaranda petals πŸ™‚

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