North Qld Birds

Of course I have been photographing birds whenever it was possible. In the rainforest the low light makes it difficult to obtain a clear image, so I have contented myself to mostly being a bird watcher there. However today we visited two wetlands on the Atherton Tablelands, as well as several beautiful rainforest sites,so there are quite a few images to share.

Apparently this a common bird around Mt Molloy, a male Australasian Figbird. Colorful, isn't it?

We stopped by the road to watch a huge flock of Red-tailed Black Cockatoos …. perhaps a hundred or more!

This emu father and chicks walked along the track in front of us at Mareeba Wetlands yesterday …. earlier another emu had run by, perhaps the female, who does not raise the young.

A special aviary is used to breed Gouldian Finches in captivity, to be released into special pockets around the wetlands next year.

Peaceful doves and Chestnut-breasted Mannikins browsed for seed under an outdoor feeder.

Pacific Black Duck at a picnic spot on Lake Tinaroo yesterday.

Reed Warbler at Hasties Swamp or Nyleta Wetlands, where we enjoyed a bird watching bonanza this morning.

Great Egret swallowing!

Magpie Geese and Australasian Grebes.

Darter and Hardhead.


Radjah Shellducks top, then Whistling Ducks, clustered together as usual, Magpie Geese at their edges.

Nyleta Wetlands from the road …. tempting isn't it? There were many such places around Atherton before white settlement, but sadly most were drained to make way for agriculture. This one survived because the water was useful for cattle.

This last photo is the common Brush Turkey, who energetically scratches through leaf litter in forests, parks and gardens, reshaping the landscape constantly. Although a large bird, it is quite shy and runs fast, so I was very pleased to get this photo after many blurred attempts!


10 thoughts on “North Qld Birds

  1. vado letteralmente pazza per le oche! ogni tanto sorvolano la mia casa che è posta tra due oasi naturali, e il loro chiasso si sente da lontano, ultimamente ne ho viste di bellissime anche in Alaska,nell’ultimo post che ho fattoi di questo meraviglioso viaggio le farò vedere.
    scatti molto belli, simpatici gli emu con famiglia
    grazie Cristina

    I go crazy for literally the geese! every once in a while flying over my house which is located between two natural oasis and their noise is heard from afar, lately I have views of beautiful even in Alaska, in the last post I factors of this wonderful journey will show you.
    very nice shots, cute the emu with family
    Thanks Cristina

  2. Wow… so many different varieties and sizes! Great pics!
    And someone just recently posted some photos of the 11th ever found Archaeopteryx skeleton… which must be around 165 millions years old or so. Birds go way back in time… much farther than primates.

  3. Another very satisfying post. I’d love to see Gould finches: when I first encountered an image of them I thought they were invented because they’re so beautifully colored in. The waterscape background is also a pleasure to look at. I’m always eager to see your North Queensland with my morning coffee. Thank you.

    • we are both interested in birds, so i get some help ….. and i completely forgot it was the dad who raises the chicks but told the sanctuary staff what i had seen and she corrected me … not the mum, the DAD!

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