Red-Capped Plovers

These very small birds are amongst my favourites! A few days ago we were treated to the sight of at least six Red-capped Plovers doing their thing on the beach.

male breeding plumage

male breeding plumage

Although they are roughly ‘together’ they actually stay quite a distance apart ….. so it is difficult to capture more than one tiny bird at a time.

more subdued female colouring

more subdued female colouring

There is an obvious ‘pecking order’ with the dominant male running rapidly after any other male who comes too close.

Red-capped Plover and Pied Oystercatcher

Red-capped Plover and Pied Oystercatcher

Here you can see how much smaller the Red-capped Plovers are …. compared to the larger Oystercatchers. It is fun trying to capture the little birds!

so small against the kelp

so small against the kelp

They stop and start repeatedly, running with leg blurring speed, stopping abruptly, upright, looking, then quickly peck at their food find, and run again! One can’t help smiling!

The next post will be with Blogsy and the iPad, from the far north of Australia, but this time on the east coast, where I will attending a yoga convention and we will both be enjoying a wonderful holiday. Tomorrow we fly, first to Sydney, then four hours north … so prepare for some tropical photos from Cairns and Mossman Gorge.

12 thoughts on “Red-Capped Plovers

  1. Very nice shots! Very cute, little birds! I bet they’re real characters! I have a fossil of a bird that looks very similar. It’s of Messelornis, an extinct small bird from the Eocene Period… around 50 million years old. It had a beak much like the Plovers, was also very small, and had long legs too. It would eat small shrimp and invertebrates along coastal areas of a huge lake. No young of it were found in the fossil form… likely because they nested far from the lake area (probably to give the fledglings a chance to mature before being near water). I’ll post a pic of the fossil sometime; it’s very interesting/rare. 😉

  2. le foto interessanti e le descrizioni divertenti…mi sembra quasi di vederli saltellare e beccare il loro cibo
    buon viaggio Cristina, e soprattutto serena vacanza, aspetto le tue foto con impazienza

    the interesting photos and funny descriptions … seems almost to see them jumping and pecking their food
    have a good trip Cristina, and especially serene vacation, your photos look forward

  3. Aren’t they sweet. I’ve ssen similar in the wetlands at Sydney Park, and wondered what they were. I’m looking forward to tropical photos from Cairns and Mossman Gorge 🙂

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