MMM is for More Marvellous Mysteries

Sorry to be bending the theme …. but today there were more marvellous jellies on the beach. I was out with a new little camera, waterproof, shockproof etc, that I bought to take snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. We leave in two days, so I had to get the camera working as soon as I could. I had trouble with the white balance, but have that under control now, that is benefit of practising! Anyway I discovered it is quite good at close-ups, so here are the jellies. Β I have no idea what they are, despite using my favourite search engine. Click on the images to see them more clearly. I did not touch them, several were upside down and one was right way up on the beach.

For more MMM entries, follow Frizz, so wise and relevant this week as ever.

30 thoughts on “MMM is for More Marvellous Mysteries

  1. At the same time I’m going eeewww at the bobbly green blob, I’m fascinated… at best it looks like yummy orange jelly, and then again an iridescant life form from outer space… and weird skeletal false teeth… all this from a single marvellous specimen.
    Enjoy your trip πŸ™‚

    • shall do … three nights at a resort! … most of the time self-catering from a little apartment in Cairns where the IYTA Yoga Convention is being held … time to relax and explore too πŸ™‚

  2. intanto apprezzo queste tue foto straordinarie…a me sembra gelatina di frutta o arance candite, tutte cose molto buone, invece le meduse, nella ipotesi migliore sono urticanti, poi ce ne sono di velenose ed anche mortalmente velenose…non qui nel mediterraneo ma in Australia sΓ¬, stanne alla larga cara…
    non vedo l’ora di guardare le tue foto subacquee
    passa una serena giornata nelle tue spiaggia da eden

    Meanwhile, I appreciate these extraordinary pictures … I think fruit jelly or candied oranges, all very good, but things the jellyfish, in the best hypothesis are stinging, then there are poisonous and Deathly poisonous … not here in the Mediterranean but in Australia Yes, stanne away Darling …
    I can’t wait to watch your underwater photos
    passes a serene day in your beach from eden

  3. “out with a new little camera,
    waterproof, shockproof etc,
    that I bought to take snorkelling
    in the Great Barrier Reef…” –
    thank you for sharing with us
    More Marvellous Mysteries!

        • thanks Laura … I gave up teaching my yoga classes this year just so we were free to travel, and it has worked out very well … next year we have to visit a new baby in Paris so we will be back in your direction then, in fact we will also be in London to visit another special baby who will be two by then … πŸ™‚

    • will do!!! well, in truth, the battery life is not good, and you have to charge the battery in the camera, so it does not help to have a spare …. but I will have the superzoom as well, and S will have his little Canon Ixus … so I will grab whichever one I can reach at the time πŸ™‚ Thanks for your lovely comment ….

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