Pied Oystercatchers

digging for pipis

digging for pipis

Late afternoon on the beach, low tide, perfect for clam/pipi/beachworm hunting birds like the Pied Oystercatcher. Here she is digging with her long bill …



and here she is eating!  I sat on the damp beach, watching the birds, in awe at their grace and beauty. Half a dozen Red-capped Plovers ran about too, in their marvellous stop-start way, adding to the carnival atmosphere (photos tomorrow). The Pied Oystercatchers left their trail along the sand, footmarks and empty shells showing where they had already feasted!

Walking back towards our end I was struck by the stripes of dark and light as water drained towards the sea. Brilliant afternoon sunlight lit the birds. Perfect! And when you are tired, just stand on one leg and rest 🙂

If you dig pipis too you like this recipe or simply check out what the Sydney Fish Market says about them.

13 thoughts on “Pied Oystercatchers

  1. I dig pipis, but not to eat. My Dad is a fisherman, and taught me to wriggle my feet into the sand to search for them from an early age. It’s a habit I haven’t lost. I have a great memory of sharing a beach north of Broome with just the G.O. and a pair oyster catchers 🙂

    • I would love to remember who taught me to wiggle my feet from side to side to unearth those pipis! It feels great, I am sure the feet love it, and pipis do appear! Perhaps it was Stuart …. he fished as a child so probably learnt those tricks 🙂

  2. quanto sei brava Cristina…mi è sembrato di essere lì sulla spiaggia a guardare quelle piccole orme e il saltellare degli uccelli

    quanto sei brava Cristina … it seemed to be there on the beach watching those little footprints and bird hopping

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