CBBH Challenge: Pink

Red Lotus

Red Lotus

One of my passions is waterlilies and lotus, so I have a few different pinks. The one above is a red lotus, but it looks pink to me. There are three different temperate water lilies in the lily pond, which includes my favourite small prolific flowering Baby Red. However each of the others is exquisite in its own way.  One is very delicate, the other is very bright! Another pink I have is actually apricot, changing colour as it ages.

Of course there are plenty of other pink things in my photo library … how about this hot pink plastic trug tub, used on board the Kimberly Xplorer for holding fish … or the heavenly pink frangipani flowers so plentiful in Broome … or the pink blossoms currently on our trees!

and then there is always a sunset that begs to be included in anything about pink!

Kimberley sunset

Kimberley sunset

This excessively pink post is brought to you today by Marianne, East of Malaga, and her Conejo Blanco challenge for September. If you love pink, pop over and see the gorgeous entries! The blogs I would like to introduce you to today are very different, firstly Cindy Knoke, a keen traveller whose posts are always beautiful …. she is currently in Canada where her photos of Banff are superb! The Ad Dad is a funny and touching blog by Peter, retired advertising man, who is now a stay-at-home dad for his four year old son, Mr. C. Pop over to read about Peter and check out a post or two.

17 thoughts on “CBBH Challenge: Pink

  1. Gorgeous pink. I resonate to all the pinks but none so more than the Broome frangipani and the Kimberley sunset. They popped for me 🙂
    I had been thinking about Marianne over the weekend, as I haven’t seen a post or comment from her for a few weeks.
    I enjoyed the quick look I had at your 2 blogs: amazing photos, and interesting glimpse into a different life.

    • well said elladee …. and I have not heard from Marianne either … she was upset about some nastiness in the blogosphere in the last post I remember reading … perhaps she is lying low 🙂

    • Hi Debra … I think (at least for me) that pinks can be very healing … that warm vibration, like sitting in the sunset glow! Good thing Marianne asked for Pink 🙂 Christine xx

  2. I so love your beautiful water lilies, Christine – they are some of my favourites, too. Have you seen Monet’s Waterlily paintings in Paris? I saw them for the second time last Spring – amazing!

    I really enjoyed mooching around Cindy and Peter’s blogs – two excellent choices for linking to. Thanks for that!

  3. wowwwwwwwwwww, niente più bello della natura quando offre agli occhi il bacio dei suoi fiori, foto superrrrrrrrrrrrr

    nothing nicer when nature provides the eyes the kiss of her flowers, photo superrrrrrrrrrrrr

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