Can you see anything hidden here?

Can you see anything hidden here?

This is the remains of the shipwreck on Bingie Bingie Point, close to Dadirri. We went there on Sunday for a picnic, far from the maddening crowd who had just elected a narrow right-wing government in Saturday’s election. It was perfect … first humpback whales playing off the end of the point, then a delicious lunch on the rocks, and a final exploration to the wreck of the Monaro, a powerful steamship that went on the rocks there in 1879. No lives were lost. The boiler from the Monaro remains, a marvellous cubby and hiding place for children of all ages.

IMG_5276Aaaah, I think I see something now ….

IMG_5272Is that someone peeping through the crack?

IMG_5274It looks like someone I know!

IMG_5264Hello Edwina!

Thanks to Ailsa for her Travel Theme: Hidden this week!


29 thoughts on “Hidden

  1. Oh you’re good for my returning soul. You are reminding me of the beauties close to home, so different from Warsaw beauties. There are even children there, if not my two very special ones!

    Bingie Bingie Point has a Poland connection for me. I, non-Polish-speaking Australian, took my son-in-law’s non-English speaking Polish parents there when they visited Australia. “Bingie bingie” (full belly) became our only common language, used with relish at the end of each meal.

    • we all understand full belly don’t we?!!! wonderful to hear you took your Polish in-laws there, I am sure they will never forget it! yes, our little piece of paradise is along way from all the old European cities πŸ™‚

  2. che grande contrasto quel vecchio ammasso di ferraglie e quel musetto delizioso e roseo che spunta quale omaggio alla vita
    sempre ottimi i tuoi scatti
    What a great contrast that old pile of its competitors and that lovely nose and rosy that mark as a homage to life
    always good your shots

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