Election Day

Saturday was a celebration of democracy all over Australia. After weeks of media mogul Rupert Murdoch exhorting voters to kick the present government out, those who read his newspapers have done just that. Sadly they have voted for personal comfort over the environment, and any show of humanity towards the refugees reaching our shores. Education will be cut, environmental constraints dismantled, mining of all kinds including fracking given the go-ahead on agricultural land, and the taxation system will continue to favour the rich. I can’t bear to tell you any more, but obviously the majority of Australians want these outcomes. One journalist wrote yesterday that no doubt many all over the nation are hoping and praying that our new Prime Minister Tony Abbott will not keep his promises, although he makes a big show of saying he will. So now we are the ‘mean’ country, our concerns being purely self-interest. We were so concerned about the outcome that we volunteered to help The Greens at a polling booth, and also the non-profit organisation GetUp at another booth, where a team was handing out score-cards showing where parties stood on various important topics.

We arrived early, and there was never a rush, a very low-key polling place to be given! Only about half the voters took the how-to-vote handouts, some freely admitting that they knew how to vote informal … a protest about the dire state of politics in Australia at present. Sadly there is often fear and loathing directed towards the Greens, by those who feel they are being prevented from fishing or hunting wherever they like, or those who resent the humanitarian stance on refugees, or the equal marriage laws, and so on. Only one man actually abused us, saying his grandfather would be turning in his grave to think there were Muslims in the country! “And it is all your fault!” he yelled. Don’t know where he got that idea. Others were happy to take our handout, saying “good luck!”

After our 8-12 stint at Mogo we headed home for lunch and a little time with our feet up. ย S went back to Moruya to show a garden group over SAGE, but I drove south to Narooma, the only GetUp action anywhere near us. Amazingly it was organised by a Year 10 student, Ben, who hopes to be a politician when he completes his studies. Kira was also in year 10 at the local high school, but all the other volunteers seemed to be between 40 and 70! So for a few hours I handed out scorecards and information to curious voters, hoping some of them might actually read it before they made there choices. My feet were sore last night, but I felt a lot better than if I had done nothing …. and I will do it again in four years time.

24 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. We could only with any conscience concur with the same direction as you, for the same reasons, but first considered the informal option. It’s a great puzzle to us, as today we caught up with 4 people for breakfast, conversed with several on the phone, Facebooked, WordPressed, and of the variety of people of ages and means we encountered, all are mystified and perplexed. Hopefully the Greens and The Others will have enough presence to keep it honest.

  2. Someone on another blog wrote that Tony Abbott didn’t win this election, Labor lost it. I think that’s partly true. If Labor had had their eye on the ball they would have countered the doom and gloom coming from the Libs.

    Sadly that steady diet of doom and gloom brainwashed a lot of insular people. They don’t know what’s happening in other countries and they are ripe for the kind of conditioning that hits their back pockets. I wonder how they’ll feel when the things they feared come true – as part of Abbott’s tough love?

    The next three years are going to be unpleasant. Very.

  3. Voting for personal comfort over the environment is as a death… death for one’s true soul and death for the environment. By the way, one’s true soul and the environment – unlike what many foolish (separative) people believe – are not two separate things.

    • this has happened in many countries Jo … I am ashamed to see it here, but I hope people are surprised when the government actually does turn its back on education, the environment, the poor, refugees etc … they will start wondering what they voted for …

  4. Rupert Mud Rock has been a blight on eveything since he was manufactured. The legal actions ongoing in the UK suggest that he has stood behind the deliberate intrusion into thousands of peoples personal lives via their mobile phones whilst denying any involvment. The general public wore it over here until the Milly Dowler case made it clear just how sick the Murdoch papers were and it gave a wake up call about how far we as people were now under the ongoing influence of his papers. Significant numbers of Journalists and private investigators working for Murdoch’s papers now find themselves facing trial – and to be even more sick, these people (I use the term loosely) like to tell us that they were only working in the public interest And, that freedom of the press is the only way to protect public freedoms…! Sorry, the press, and especially those of the Murdoch titles, have abused those freedoms to the point where they should no longer be available. Free speech means open-ness and respect for all – never something that was available from the Murdoch press ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • I really hope it all comes undone Martin … yet wealth and power are hard to overcome, governments and individuals seem to get away with so much corruption…. We really fought back here by making an ad showing what he was doing by interfering in politics through his media outlets, but none of the tv stations were game to run it in case M was upset!!! GetUp is taking to the Consumers Affairs Commission now, but too late to help in the election.

    • i find it hard to imagine what will come now … people like us feeling very bewildered … but then i remember some of the young affluent people we met on our trip to the Kimberley, making money from mining, so they have oodles to spend, and perhaps not much awareness of social justice or climate change etc …

    • and now look at the results … oh dear bluebee, we will be battling to remain a progressive country in the next three years … on another subject i am just reading the hunger games … not my favourite youth fiction … and rereading another “Fly By Night” by Frances Hardinge in which i love the language, rather Terry Pratchettish at times ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Proud of you Christine ๐Ÿ™‚
    We don’t even have alternatives to fight for. Thinking a null vote might be better than choosing the better of two evils, this time around.

    • oh dear, I must remember how lucky we are to have strong political activism amongst the community with GetUp, and the Greens holding up some decent values, even when the two major parties fight to outdo each other in nastiness … sadly our standing Labour member who is a wonderful man looks like losing the seat to a man others have described as ‘awful’ … the Libs are 500 votes ahead and only the postal votes remain to be counted ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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