jjj is for Jamming and Jumping

Jamming can mean quite a few things … including playing music spontaneously with others for fun. Here is our son and grandson playing drums together on the floor. Our small drum collection is popular with many visitors, especially young ones or musicians!

father and son jamming on drums

father and son jamming on drums

When his young cousin went off with the drum sticks which she quite rightly thinks of as hers, the drum player played with her instead.

and of course there is another very popular type of jam … the sticky kind! I made Seville Orange Marmalade yesterday.

Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville Orange Marmalade

Pop across to Flickrcomments to see some more JJJ entries!


15 thoughts on “jjj is for Jamming and Jumping

  1. delizioso quadretto familiare con appetitoso invito alla prima colazione!
    un sorriso a te e ai tuoi cari
    lovely little picture familiar with appetizing invitation to breakfast!
    a smile to you and your loved ones

    • I personally love Seville Orange marmalade, and since I learnt to make it using extra pectin it stays a gorgeous colour and sets beautifully πŸ™‚ … on the drums, we have such an odd collection that has changed with the years, but of course we must have a tabla amongst them!

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