CBBH Photo Challenge: Ancient and Modern

transport ancient and modern, Rajasthan

transport ancient and modern, Rajasthan

I just realised August is nearly finished, so I had better do this post, the photos for which have been sitting on my desktop of ages. Marianne will come up with a new theme soon, so I can’t delay! This one is about ancient and modern. I hope you enjoy my choices.

modern rubbish truck in medieval pedestrian street Perigueux

modern rubbish truck in medieval pedestrian street Perigueux

This narrow street in the centre of the old town of Perigueux is usually only for pedestrians …. except for the rubbish truck and delivery vehicles bringing supplies to the little shops.

Louvre Pyramid against the classical architecture of the Louvre Museum

Louvre Pyramid against the classical architecture of the Louvre Museum

Who can resist this juxtaposition of old and new? It always catches my breath, the boldness of the pyramid rising from the paving of the great Louvre Museum courtyard.

modern cleaning equipment in old Paris

modern cleaning equipment in old Paris

And back to cleaning equipment … here in Paris I delight in the fresh green of the cleaning department vehicles and tools. One day long ago we arrived in Paris before dawn, flying in from Tokyo, and emerged from a subway on the Left Bank just as the street sweeping and washing machines were cleaning up after a huge post-Soccer World Cup party. In that slightly jet-lagged state it was quite amazing, so I fell in love with the green vehicles and always smile when I see them.

Now the most important part of the post: Blog Hopping! Let me introduce AnnChristine of Leya. About herself she says “I am a woman. Maybe I´m a buddhist. I still avoid treading on ants.” but this tells you nothing about her gorgeous photography, and relaxed chatty style! Each time I visit I am surprised by some new wonder, colours of a field as the sun sets, sumptuous beauty of gardens or villages in Sweden, or the fun of walking with lovely Mille or Totti!

Another blogger I enjoy is fellow Australian Allen Shores, of Alien Shores. Allen is a traveller and a very skilled photographer. You will enjoy  his Astrophotography very much, awesome images of stars and galaxies …. but there is so much more, architecture, and landscape all with his carefully crafted style. Pop over and have a look! Allen says Alien Shores …here on earth, or scattered through the dusty lanes of the Sagitarrius Star Clouds all present an opportunity to capture those sometimes pale and fleeting images that without us remain hidden to our eyes or vanish in an instant.




11 thoughts on “CBBH Photo Challenge: Ancient and Modern

  1. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw your first photograph of the camel. Yes, a very ancient form of transport 🙂

    I totally agree with you about the pyramid-shaped entrance to the Louvre. It always takes my breath away – and works so beautifully, don’t you think?

    I’ve just been over to your two links – a great choice, Christine. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Christine, wonderful pics, love the juxtaposition – somehow my eye is most often drawn to the old, the more simple and natural, but then, it is just all part of what IS……xx

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