HHH is for Handstands

Handstands are fun, not just as part of yoga, but at any old time. Being upside down provides a different perspective on the world, and nourishes faith, concentration, joy, confidence and strength!

halfway through a catherine wheel!

halfway through a catherine wheel!

There are handstands the camera can catch when the body is actually still in motion, whirling back onto two feet … and then there are handstands that require a lot more persistence … actually staying upright and aligned as long as possible!

handstand2My granddaughter goes to Gymnastics, which you can tell she just loves, and does very well! I loved standing on my hands and catherine-wheeling all over the grass in our 1950’s back garden. Here is a photo taken when I must have been about 12, because we moved from this house at that time. You can tell I don’t have the benefit of training … but it was just the fun I enjoyed. Now I blame my arthritic wrists on my love of being upside down, or vaulting, or playing hockey, or swinging on the monkey bars at my boarding school.

christine1960Three cheers for Frizz and his HHH challenge this week!


16 thoughts on “HHH is for Handstands

  1. Ah the joy of looking at the “world” from another perspective – it’s rather upside down as it is, maybe we should get everyone initiated into handstands to turn it upright again!

  2. I used to love doing handstands, headstands, flips, and cartwheels, too. I was a gymnast for a decade or so, and found a lot of freedom in all that flipping about. Love your images. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh wow, this post is so moving with all the intergenerational talent and love for handstands. Your granddaughter is lovely and so agile – you have captured it so beautifully.

  4. Your granddaughter has wonderful strength and style – she must have inherited it from you πŸ™‚ I did many forms of dancing when I was young, including acrobatic, but I would be too afraid to even attempt a cartwheel now.

  5. How wonderful! She obviously inherits your genes. My yoga instructors have been trying to get me to do the headstand in vain. A handstand is out of the question πŸ˜€

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