Galah, Grebe, Grey-crowned Babbler



One of our colourful Australian birds, well-known in city and country, and loved for its rakish behaviour. ‘Acting the Galah’ means being silly, showing-off! I love their bright pink and soft grey feathers. As a child living with my grandparents we had a pet galah known as Cocky, a loveable fun bird who gave me hours of pleasure.

Hoary-headed Grebe

Hoary-headed Grebe

This little grebe was hard to capture, as almost every frame showed the grebe half submerged! They are very quick, spending just a few seconds upright before getting back to work underwater.

Grey-crowned Babbler

Grey-crowned Babbler

The Grey-crowned Babbler, or Happy Jack is a noisy friendly bird, often seen in  large family groups. We found them in several campsites on our trip through the Kimberley, rollicking in the low branches of trees, running on the grass, gathering insects where they could. They are comical and entertaining to watch, and their noisy babbling has a humorous tone, it is easy to join in and laugh with them!


I am sharing these three birds starting with the letter G for Frizz’s GGG challenge!


20 thoughts on “Galah, Grebe, Grey-crowned Babbler

    • thank you for reminding me tom, they are beautiful birds, worthy of such a lovely name ‘rose-breasted cockatoo’ … i am glad they are appreciated around the world 🙂

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