Travel Theme: Architecture

You probably noticed I was absent from the blogosphere for a week or so … but when I had time I prepared some photos for my favourite challenges …. so here is another one … seeing the light of your screens at last! Ailsa has suggested we look at Architecture, but since most of our holidays are in wild unbuilt places I had to search for our stopover in Singapore last September. Of course Singapore is becoming famous for its contemporary buildings, and we were able to enjoy a few. The Gardens by the Bay had just opened, offering views back to the city skyscrapers.

For more spectacular photos of Marina Bay Sands Resort follow the link, and to see more Architecture entries pop over to visit Ailsa!

7 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Architecture

    • being inside was an exceptional experience …. misty moisty, the sounds of water, delightful flowering plants, the intrigue of the construction and so on!

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