Falls, Flowers, Forest

On a walking holiday in northern NSW and the border ranges we walked the Warrie Circuit on the Springbrook Plateau. The first falls on the track (on a little backtrack loop really) are Twin Falls. Here water rushes down in long thin streams from the tableland above. A deep round pool has formed over the centuries, and specialised plants grow in the warm moist environment. We were lucky to see a fabulous flowering plant, sorry I cannot identify it for you. Dark strappy leaves, and the most delicate abundant frilly pale pink flower spike! All around us the rainforest thrives, beckoning us on along the track into the deep valley! Pop over to visit Frizz for more FFF entries 🙂

I finally found out what the flower is: Stream Lily, Helmholtzia glaberrima,  Philydraceae – Queensland and New South Wales, Australia, and it is classified as RARE.

“Stream Lilies have long, dark-green strap-like leaves and form clumps that are up to 2 metres high. The tall flower spikes, which appear in the summer, are white or pale pink.

“They occur in the McPherson Range and nearby areas of rainforest along creeks and gullies.” (Wikipedia)


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