Travel Theme: Wild

wildskyThis wild sky was fabulously animated … clouds moving in almost impossible angles with great suddenness and speed … tremendous gusts ripping dark and light water vapours in different directions, tumbling them together, and tearing them apart over and over. Yes, there was a storm!

merakibouldersOn the eastern shores of the South Island of New Zealand these fascinating Moeraki boulders rest, attracting visitors regardless of wild weather. Β A strong wind and unseasonably freezing weather for the middle of summer greeted us there!

karitaneAlso in New Zealand, near the town of Karitane, ‘weather’ approaches from the south, rolling up from Antarctica.



This gorgeous bird is wild, as in free, not in captivity. Rainbow Bee-eaters are brilliantly coloured, with elongated tail feathers. They tend to hunt from one perch, so it is quite easy to sit very still nearby, camera at the ready! This one captured at Parry Creek Lagoon, near Wyndham, W.A.


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