Enjoy El Questro End


Walking up El Questro Gorge was one of the highlights of our Kimberley trip. The narrow ravine, lined with palms and ferns, gradually becomes narrower until you reach the halfway point, where it is totally blocked by an enormous boulder. Some intrepid agile walkers climb up and over to continue to the real end of the gorge. Climbing up entails walking through shoulder deep water, then scaling almost vertical wet rock. We watched people slipping and falling rather dramatically, only reaching the top with help from others who took their packs and grabbed their hands etc. Of course we were content to sit, swim, sketch and enjoy everything, right where we were! Thanks Frizz for causing me to think of E today πŸ™‚

17 thoughts on “Enjoy El Questro End

  1. It’s great to see a bit more of El Questro’s gorge. I can imagine how cool and refreshing the water must have been after hiking only half the distance. When I see that enormous rock my mind tries to grapple with the extent of the storm and the flash flood that must have ensued to have dislodged it and deposited it here – awesome. πŸ™‚

    • when white people first came there the weather was quite violent, which the local population attributed to the invader’s ignorance of protocol … you can’t just blunder into these ancient powerful places … so maybe it happened then?

    • yes indeed, i wonder how many will surface in the blog? … for example next week for FFF i will have a chance to show a flower collection … so many wonderful shots, some even in focus!

  2. must be a wonderful challenge – we had a similar climbing trip once in Spain – it was interesting, to meet those people at the end who managed to come through …
    – “…gradually becomes narrower until you reach the halfway point, where it is totally blocked by an enormous boulder…”

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