Delightful Delicious Dinosaur

Family things have kept me busy this last week, and I missed my DDD post for Frizz. Perhaps this will do!

dinosaur birthday cake

dinosaur birthday cake

The cake was made with pears and cocoa, very low-sugar and fat, moist and delicious. The recipe asks for 50 ml walnut oil, but I substituted macadamia oil, wholesome and sweet. I also made a healthy frosting, so we were all able to demolish quantities of cake with no cloying sweetness. How do you like his fierce looking teeth? They are slivered almonds! And I do confess there are green mint leaves on him too, something the four year old was quick to notice when it looked like her piece of the tail was missing its mint leaf spike.

blowingAfter a family birthday lunch and gifts, it was time for the cake. Fortunately two favourite old friends dropped in to add to the atmosphere, and help us eat it up. Blowing out the candle is very important!! And one last photo (thanks to my son) before that delicious Dino is dissected!Β edandme

I am pleased to say it was so popular that they took the toothy head home to enjoy later. If you would like to make one too this is easy, based on a 20cm round cake, with a bit of trimming and judicious use of toothpicks to join some bits together. It did make this four year old’s eyes shine!



15 thoughts on “Delightful Delicious Dinosaur

    • lucky grandmothers aren’t we! E mentioned that she wanted a dinosaur cake … but i think she was a little overwhelmed (and pleased) at how it turned out πŸ™‚

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