CCC: Cool Croc in Concrete Pond


Yes, sadly he is in a concrete pond, but I did see big Saltwater Crocodiles in the wild too. It is winter now, and this crocodile was actually feeling cold with unusually cool weather in northern Australia last month. Being cold-blooded creatures they need warmth to get them moving, hence love to sunbake when they can.

Join in with frizz in the CCC challenge!

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28 thoughts on “CCC: Cool Croc in Concrete Pond

  1. questa immagine Γ¨ terribilmente bella! quei denti mostruosi cosΓ¬ in evidenza mettono i brividi,,,non di freddo mia cara, che qui in Italia siamo in piena estate e fa molto caldo…ma di paura!

    This picture is terribly beautiful! those monstrous teeth so out put chills, cold not, my dear, that here in Italy we are in midsummer and it’s very hot … but of fear!

    • i have learnt that Saltwater Crocodiles are the largest living reptiles …. but i remember this one was not such a monster … unlike Sweetheart in Darwin Museum and Art Gallery, who is 5.1 metres long and thought to be 300 years old at his untimely death!!

  2. This is a terrific shot. I have never seen a wild crocodile, but I’ve had several close encounters with alligators in the Everglades. The thing is, they have so many fish to choose from, they let humans walk past very closely, without getting riled up. 😎

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