Wordless Wednesday: Plumed Whistling Ducks

whistling ducks


28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Plumed Whistling Ducks

    • whistling ducks gather in huge numbers, the males have very fancy feathers … and they make such a sweet soft peeping sound, sleeping all day, then waking to graze all night!

  1. sai, io ho la fortuna di abitare in una zona dove c’Γ¨ il passo di uccelli migratori, compresa fra due oasi faunistiche che sono formate da stagni e paludi, come raccontavo giorni fa sul mio blog, talvolta vedo il passaggio di molte oche molto chiassose sopra la mia testa…fra cui ci sono anche quelli che noi chiamiamo fischioni…il vederle rappresentate nella tua foto mi ha fatto estremamente piacere, anzi, mi ha quasi commossa

    you know, I have the good fortune of living in an area where there is the passage of migratory birds, including between two sanctuaries that are formed by ponds and swamps, as told days ago on my blog, sometimes I see the passage of many very noisy geese above my head … among which there are also those that we call fischioni … see them represented in your photo made me extremely pleasedIndeed, I was almost touched

    ti sorrido, mia cara

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